Food & Agtech
July 29th, 09:00am - 11:10am BKT

Following the success of Plug and Play Food's Innovation Platforms in Silicon Valley, Brazil, and  Fargo/USA, Plug and Play is excited to bring the top  startups, corporations, investors, and government  officials in the Agrifood space in Thailand to identify the industry's leading challenges and implement novel startup solutions.

Agriculture employs nearly 40% of Thailand's workforce. To improve global food production, access and distribution, innovations are needed. Following the success of Plug and Play Food's Innovation Platforms in Silicon Valley, Brazil, and Fargo/USA, Plug and Play Thailand is excited to bring the top startups, corporations, investors, and government officials in the Agrifood space to identify the industry's leading challenges and implement novel startup solutions.

The Future of Agtech
Focus Areas:
Modern & Sustainable Farming
Livestock Technology
Food Manufacturing & Processing
Personalized Nutrition & Functional Foods
Food Freshness & Safety
Logistics, Asset Tracking & Warehouse Distribution 
Waste Reduction
Retails & Consumer Analytics

Plug and Play is the world's largest technology innovation platform, operating 30+ offices globally and serving over 400+ international corporations.

Thailand offers a huge opportunity to bring together this global network to solve challenges in Thailand's vast agrifood sector. Join us at our official soft launch for our Food & Agtech program in Thailand on July 29th! (This is a Virtual Event)

Event Agenda
Day 1 - July 29th (Public)
09:00am - 09:10am
09:10am - 09:20am
09:35am - 09:50am
09:50am - 11:05am
11:05am - 11:10am
Welcome Address
Food & Agritech Program Overview
Featured Keynote:
Global Shift in Food and Agtech Value Chain
Startup Pitches
Day 2 - July 30th (Private)
09:00am - 12:00pm
02:00pm - 05:00pm
Private Deal Flow Sessions
Private Deal Flow Sessions
Featured Speakers
Shawn Dehpanah
EVP & Head of Corporate Innovation APAC, Plug and Play
Dave Vosburg
CFO & Head of Emerging Technologies, Sensei Ag
Brian Tetrud
Global Director, Food & Beverage, Plug and Play
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