Food & AgTech
Innovation Day
October 29th, 09:00am - 11:10am BKT
The evolution of
the Food & AgTech sector is now!

Join industry leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs, startups, investors, and visionaries who will meet on this virtual platform to discuss the evolution of the Food & AgTech sector and exchange the most exciting innovations and opportunities in the space!

Explore the industry's hottest trends

Our vision is to achieve a vibrant, growing, and sustainable agriculture sector while improving food security and optimize practices towards better livelihoods of rural and urban communities across the region.

Plug and Play is the world's largest technology innovation platform, operating 30+ offices globally and serving over 400+ international corporations.

Our regional headquarters is located in Singapore, where we launched in 2010 to invest in high tech startups in the region. Since then we have invested in more than 35 startups and have collaborated with various governments, as well as partnered with multinational and regional corporations to run industry-specific accelerator programs as well as other innovation initiatives.

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10:50am - 11:10am
Opening Remarks
Food & AgTech Trends
Keynote Session
Startup Case Study 1
Startup Case Study 2
Startup Case Study 3
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Virtual Networking

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Tanya Tongwaranan
Program Manager, Thailand
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