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AppMan launches 'Dip Chip Rider' feature

At the highly anticipated TechSauce Global Summit held on August 26th and 27th, 2022, AppMan took center stage and introduced their innovative e-KYC solution, which is touted as the ultimate identity verification technology for businesses. The startup, which is known for pushing the boundaries of technology, left the audience in awe when they launched their new offering, the "Dip Chip Rider."

This cutting-edge service leverages electronic devices to verify identity card evidence and bring the verification process to the doorsteps of customers. The company has formed a strategic partnership with a team of riders, who have received specialized training to operate the "Dip Chip Rider" service, particularly for the financial industry. With the service being supported in 77 provinces across 900 districts in Thailand, it has quickly become a game-changer in the industry.

The audience at the event, which was a mix of professionals from various industries such as banking, brokerage, insurance, and others, was treated to a demonstration of the e-KYC system's capabilities. The demonstration not only showcased the system's efficiency, but it also piqued the audience's interest and sparked conversations on how it could revolutionize the way businesses verify the identity of their customers.

In conclusion, AppMan's e-KYC solution and "Dip Chip Rider" service has positioned the startup as a leader in the industry and has set a new standard for identity verification technology.

About Appman

Appman is an innovative SaaS solution proven to enable online-to-online distribution of insurance and other industries, allowing leading insurers to implement sales agent productivity and satisfaction multipliers.

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AppMan is a startup in Batch 4 of our Smart Cities Accelerator Program in Thailand.

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