AppMan launches 'Dip Chip Rider' feature

At TechSauce Global Summit on 26-27 August 2022, AppMan presented an e-KYC solution, the best identity verification technology for the business sector. The startup also launched a new feature called “Dip Chip Rider” which is a service to verify identity card evidence with electronic devices as door-to-door service.

AppMan partnered with a rider team who trained to operate the “Dip Chip Rider” service, especially for the financial industry. The service is supported in 77 provinces, covering 900 districts in Thailand.

In addition, there was a demonstration of how to verify that the e-KYC system actually works during the event, attracting the audience's interest from various industries, including banking, brokerage, insurance, etc.


AppMan is a startup in Batch 4 of our Smart Cities Accelerator Program in Thailand.

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