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Aria Secures Pre-Seed Funding in a Round Led By GK Plug and Play Indonesia

Aria Secures Pre-Seed Funding in a Round Led By GK Plug and Play Indonesia

Left to right: Yosa Rosario (COO), William Sjaichudin (CEO), Arden Lim (CPO)

We are pleased to announce that Aria has secured funding in a Pre-Seed Series round that was organized and led by GK Plug and Play Indonesia. East Ventures and agriculture and logistics market leaders Triputra Group, WareSix and Sahabat Group also participated in the round.

Aria is an agritech firm with a purpose to increase efficiency, productivity and crop output via drones and IoT solutions, while providing preventive and predictive agricultural solutions for farmers and large-scale plantations. Aria will use the funding and trust to expand their network infrastructure and quickly establish distribution points across 17 Indonesian branches that span throughout the country to tackle ARIA's potential market - 40 Million hectares (4 bn sqm) of agricultural farmland in Indonesia. This expansion will be accompanied by the purchase of an expanded drone fleet and the development of key IoT asset tracking technologies to bring value and impactful change to Aria’s customers.

IoT asset tracking technologies

“It is critical [for] Aria [to tackle] the regeneration of Indonesia’s farming youths, [who are] troubled [by] low yields and [are] suffering from one of the lowest-earning professions across the country, Indonesia’s farmers are dying,” William Sjaichudin, co-founder and CEO of Aria, said. “Aria’s vision is to foster the development of a new generation of tech-savvy millennial farmers [who are] able to compete and expand on the global stage.”

Aria’s mission is simple: to allow farmers to plant confidently and elevate Farmer's Welfare, ensuring increased yields and lowered operational costs through efficient technological improvements and mechanized labour.” added Arden Lim, co-founder and CPO of Aria.



Aria is a part of our Portfolio startups in GK Plug and Play.

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