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Bitsensing Partners with HJWave to Develop the Next-Gen Radar Solution

The advanced radar company and antenna tech company come together to build powerful and stable radar solutions for smart cities, wellness, and beyond.

South Korean cutting-edge radar solution company bitsensing and leading mmWAVE antenna technology company HJWave have launched a strategic partnership to develop a next-gen radar solution that revolutionizes diverse applications in a broad range of industries.

Combining bitsensing’s cutting-edge radar technology with HJWave’s proprietary WGIM (Wave Guided Injection Molded) antenna design technology, the collaboration will bring the most advanced radar solution with wide-angle, wide-band, and high performance, exceeding the physical limitations of exiting PCB-type antennas by minimizing radio wave loss and securing a more comprehensive, a more stable sensing distance.

"We believe this will be an excellent opportunity to bring innovative next-gen radar solutions that can be applied to various industries through this cooperation with HJWave," said Dr. Jae-Eun Lee, CEO of bitsensing. "We will further accelerate the realization of the ultimate smart city while bringing the actual commercialization of radar technology.”

"We will continue to maintain faith with our partners and satisfy market needs through the development of mass-production technologies that customers want and are adopted by the market,” said Tae Hwan Yoo, CEO of HJWave.

HJWave is a leading mmWAVE-based RF antenna company with unique patented technology for radar in autonomous vehicles, general consumers, 6G telecommunication, and satellite. The company is partnered with major automotive companies and global semiconductor manufacturers, delivering market requirements, and growing rapidly today.

bitsensing recently established a partnership with the Korean top-tier autonomous driving and mobility company to mass produce the next-gen imaging radar autonomous driving solution based on bitsensing’s powerful 4D imaging radar technology. bitsensing also is partnering with the Korea ROAD Traffic Authority(KoROAD) in the project for ‘Cooperative Autonomous Driving Site Control Technology Development’ to contribute to the construction of intelligent transportation infrastructure. In addition, through radar-based vital sign detection, the company is accelerating its innovative sleep care and smart wellness business.

bitsensing has been continuously recognized for its technology and global growth potential by successfully raising $10 million in Series A funding. Awarded with the CES 2022 Innovation Awards, bitsensing will be at the coming CES 2023 exhibition with a standalone booth to showcase the innovative solution in each business field.

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