Brankas announces a strategic partnership with UnionBank of the Philippines

Brankas announces a strategic partnership with UnionBank of the Philippines, the country’s leading digital bank.

Brankas has teamed up with the bank’s Fintech Group to provide a platform for traditional corporate banking clients to tech up their operations through API-based products.

As UnionBank’s API Onboarding Partner, Brankas provides a menu of APIs, dashboards, and supporting services that make it easier than ever for UnionBank corporate clients to use the bank's APIs in day-to-day operations and for cash flow management.

The new digital normal has made it key for banks to have products and services that are fully online, more personalized and easily accessible. Brankas is proud to partner with UnionBank to bring innovative banking solutions to Philippine businesses.


To view the original source of the article, click here. To know more about Brankas, head over to their Linkedin page.

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