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Crucial Conversations - Scaling Success with Gustavo Liu: The Journey Behind Rescale Lab

Guest: Gustavo Liu, Founder of Rescale Lab

Host: Llewellan Vance

In this episode of Crucial Conversations, we dive into the remarkable life story of Gustavo Liu, an engineer, banker, and entrepreneur! Gustavo's journey has been marked by trials and triumphs that have shaped him into the trailblazer he is today.

In this episode, we unpack Gustavo's unique background and learn about the challenges he faced before taking the plunge into entrepreneurship and founding Rescale Lab – a game-changing platform designed to democratize learning access for startup founders worldwide.

Hear firsthand about the hurdles Rescale Lab has overcome and the invaluable insights gained from life experience and more recently engaging with multiple investors and participating in over 7 accelerator programs in the past 12 months. This conversation is a goldmine of wisdom for any entrepreneur seeking inspiration and guidance from an experienced and resilient leader.

We also explore Rescale Lab's innovative training platform, which addresses one of the most pressing issues facing trainers who run large-scale, high-touch, and experience-based programs: the growing stack of tools they rely on to manage operations. Rescale Lab fills this void with an aggregator management platform that streamlines performance and delivers a flawless cohort experience.

Don't miss this high-energy episode packed with wisdom, inspiration, and practical advice for every entrepreneur looking to learn from a truly inspiring individual. Tune in and discover how Gustavo Liu and Rescale Lab are transforming the startup ecosystem and scaling success for founders everywhere!

About Rescale Lab

RescaleLab (a subsidiary of E.A.T. Launchpad) is a cloud-based software that makes it easy for trainers to digitise operational workflows and capture the ongoing interaction of both trainers and learners, using a data-driven approach to map-out everyone’s commitment to achieving learning success.

About Crucial Conversations

Immerse yourself in Crucial Conversations, a podcast designed for those passionate about understanding and exploring groundbreaking technologies and innovations. Join Llewellan as he interviews thought leaders, experts, and entrepreneurs, delving into topics such as conscious leadership, brand strategy, design thinking, and the latest advancements in areas like artificial intelligence, web 3, quantum computing, robotics, nanotechnology, renewable energy, and more.

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Rescale Lab is a part of our Batch 6 GIA Jakarta Program in Indonesia.

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