Deep01 Closes Fundraising Led by ASUS

Deep01, a developer of artificial intelligence (AI) software designed to assist physicians to accurately interpret computerized tomography (CT) images of the brain, announced that it raised US$2.7 million in financing. ASUSTeK Computer Inc., a worldwide top-three consumer notebook vendor, led the round of fundraising. “Deep01 is a leading startup in Asia focused on AI medical solutions, and we look forward to harnessing the strength of this collaboration to further develop applications in the field of smart medical technology," said Albert Chang, ASUS Corporate Vice President and Co-Head of the AIoT Business Group.

The round also saw investment from Digital Economy Fund co-funded by ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) and III (Institute for Information Industry), and BE Capital. Jim Li, the Managing Partner of Digital Economy Fund, expressed strong confidence for Deep01 as it obtained both the USA and Taiwan FDA clearance and ensured successful user adoption. Arthur Chen, the Managing Director of BE Capital said, “Deep01 is a member of the BE supporting program. The system is in the Show Chwan hospital, and profitable results are already present. The AI emergency network has potential in the overseas markets. We introduced the company to the authorities in Japan, and the integration will proceed in the second half of this year."

The ICT and healthcare industries in Taiwan are competitive on the international stage, and successful cases of commercialization will make our product more feasible in the global market, said David Chou, founder, and CEO of Deep01.

Deep01's AI product can detect acute intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) in the A&E department. With an accuracy of 93-95% and 30 seconds per case, the performance exceeds the other competitors in the market. Besides technology, regulatory certification plays a critical role in the medical industry. Deep01 is the first AI company in APAC to obtain US-FDA clearances in July 2019.

Deep01 also won the first Taiwan-FDA for its AI product of ICH in the country this February and received its first purchase order of US$0.7 million. The AI-based service has launched in the two medical centers and four local hospitals of Taiwan, while the AI checked over 2000 acute cases of brain CT in parallel to the diagnosis of the human physicians.

The Deep01 team is from Harvard, Carnegie Mellon University, National Taiwan University, and Tsinghua University. Collectively they have amassed a wealth of both local and international experience within the industry. Due to the rapid growth of the company, a senior radiologist in the US has joined the team since 2019.

As the only AI company in Asia to have obtained both US and Taiwan FDA clearances, the next step for Deep01 is to expand into global markets and to offer more AI-based services to the department of A&E, radiology, and neurosurgery.


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