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EasyMile wins deal for driverless shuttles at Terhills, Belgium

EasyMile wins deal for driverless shuttles at Terhills, Belgium

EasyMile is providing a commercial fleet of autonomous shuttles for a fully driverless service worth €4 million at the Belgian tourist site, Terhills. The shuttles will run 7 days a week, for up to 10 years.

The new service includes a complete transport system, validated safety, and progression to Level 4 of autonomous driving (completely removing any human supervisor from onboard). It is unique as a commercial response to a mobility need, and in its longevity. This is a further signal of maturity in autonomous shuttle technology. EasyMile came out on top of a European tender process, undergoing a thorough technical, financial and legal assessment.

The shuttles will cover a 2.5 km route connecting the attractions of the Terhills Hotel, to the Terhills Resort and the future walking and cycling bridge over the large lake. They will initially run for 8 hours a day (with the ability to extend this), with the waiting time for passengers at the various stops a maximum of 10 minutes. The system can be expanded to 5 or 6 shuttles, with each stop served every 4 minutes during the busiest hours of the day. This will be thanks to a smart fleet management and booking tool developed by Ush. They are a Belgian company belonging to the Lab Box start-up studio supported by D’Ieteren Automotive and have been part of all autonomous shuttle deployments on public roads in the country.

The fleet of driverless shuttles meets the site’s need for efficient mobility. They will also replace the current, conventional electric bus on the site that suffers a low frequency, and isn’t being used enough. The overall business case is expected to be competitive.

Tim De Ceunynck, Project Manager Mobility at LRM: “This project is unique thanks to two core ambitions: fully driverless and long-term. We will collect user data and feedback from users to substantiate the business case. We expect the system to be competitive with a classic manned bus. Around the summer of 2023, we will decide on the final outline for the transport system for a period of 10 years on the basis of all this information. The providers’ commitment to providing a schedule-bound transport system for such a long period of time is exceptional.”

Terhills want to make it as comfortable as possible for tourists and guests to visit the vast site. Their smart mobility offer already consists of electric boats, e-steps, e-bikes, and electric golf carts. LRM, the investment company behind it, sees the addition of the self-driving shuttles as what it calls “the icing on the cake”. For them, it is an important investment. It is very atypical for the company to invest in innovation, but they forecast great added value, not only for Terhills but also for exploring a new area.

Tom Vanham, General Manager LRM: “The Terhills site is one of LRM's strategic development projects. What was a desolate mining site a few decades ago has now become one of the most beautiful experience sites in Flanders, good for 1 million visitors a year. The site is comparable to a small town, with very diverse mobility challenges and transport flows. For us, the shuttle system is not just a short-lived demonstration project, but an essential part of a complex mobility puzzle.”

Benoit Perrin, General Manager EasyMile: “We are delighted to support Terhills in their need for an efficient, long-term transport solution on-site. The longevity and commercial nature of this service is a real tipping point for the viability of autonomous shuttles, and mobility overall. It has the potential to put Terhills and LRM on the map not only in innovation, but also as a response to a real business case.”

About EasyMile

EasyMile is a leader in software and complete solutions for driverless goods and passenger transport. It partners with blue-chip manufacturers to autonomize their vehicles with award-winning technology built on safety-by-design, ready for deployment today, with clear client benefits.

Since 2014, the company has become known for quality delivery and real-world deployments. EasyMile’s proven technology has driven autonomously in 300+ locations in more than 30 countries, over 1, 000,000km.

With several mass operations around the world, EasyMile was the first to deploy fully driverless at Level 4 of autonomous driving and the first to receive authorization to run at this level on public roads in Europe.

In 2021, EasyMile raised 55 million Series B to scale commercially. Today, it is the number one provider of autonomous shuttles in the world and has deployed the highest number at Level 4 of autonomous driving (completely removing any human supervisor onboard) on the market.

Global users of its autonomous tow tractor solution include BMW, Daimler, and other major automotive manufacturing plants and logistics centers in Europe and the United States. It has also served airports including Narita International in Japan, Schiphol in the Netherlands, and operates in a fleet at Changi Airport in Singapore.

EasyMile has more than 250 employees in four locations (Toulouse, Berlin, Denver and Singapore), doubling its headcount every 2 years. About Terhills and LRM

Terhills is located on the former Eisden mining site in the Euregio region of Belgium. It covers ​​approximately 365 hectares in Dilsen-Stokkem and Maasmechelen, on the edge of the country’s only National Park. Shaped by its past as an industrial mining and gravel quarrying site, the environment today is characterized by lush fauna and flora, huge watercourses and unique sights from the spoil tips. The driving force of the site is the holiday resort that Terhills has developed in partnership with Center Parcs, which opened in the spring of 2021. Terhills NV is a subsidiary of the Limburg Investment Company LRM. LRM is an investment company that mines and stimulates economic growth in Limburg. They provide a solid foundation so that companies and projects that create jobs in Limburg can grow. Its financial resources and expertise, together with the assets of Limburg, provide a unique breeding ground.

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