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Enapter enters strategic partnership with Johnson Matthey in ongoing capital increase

Enapter AG announces a strategic partnership with Johnson Matthey. At the same time, Johnson Matthey has invested 20 million euros in Enapter as part of the ongoing capital increase (see announcements of 06 and 07 April 2022) and will thus hold more than 3% of Enapter AG. Enapter’s strategic partnership with the global specialty chemicals company and market leader in environmental technologies includes joint research and development for advanced materials and components for AEM Electrolysers. The aim is to accelerate production scale-up at Enapter and to achieve ongoing continuous improvements in the performance of AEM Electrolysers.

Enapter is currently constructing a plant for mass production of AEM Electrolysers in Saerbeck (NRW), Germany. At present, the devices are already made in series production at its plant in Pisa, Italy. From 2023, the company expects to build up a production capacity of 120,000 electrolysers per year at the Enapter Campus in Saerbeck. The now concluded partnership will significantly accelerate this targeted scaling of production capacity.

Enapter's goal is to develop the new campus on the principals of circular economy, without any negative impact on the environment during operation. For example, the site will run all of its production on 100% on renewable energy, without connection to the grid. Further, Enapter and Johnson Matthey will jointly explore options for the reprocessing and recycling of production waste and end of -life components and devices.

"Our mission is clear: we want to make green hydrogen cheaper than fossil fuels to enable the energy transition at the scale needed. We are pleased to be working with Johnson Matthey to make our contribution towards a cleaner planet. Johnson Matthey’s extensive knowledge and capabilities will help us make our production better, faster and cheaper – because that is what the world needs now," says Sebastian-Justus Schmidt, founder and CEO of Enapter.

Liam Condon, CEO of Johnson Matthey, said: "This investment and strategic partnership is at the heart of our strategy as we focus our resources on growth areas targeted at climate change solutions. Working with Enapter is a great opportunity for us to further expand in green hydrogen and deliver on our vision for a cleaner, healthier world.​”

Both companies are firmly committed to supporting the transition to zero emissions production (Net Zero) across the entire process chain for highly efficient yet standardised AEM electrolysers. These will enable the production of green hydrogen from the kilowatt range up to large-scale megawatt plants at the lowest cost for a wide range of applications.

Enapter was advised on this transaction by investment bank Bryan, Garnier & Co.



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