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Habitap Unveils Subscription-Based Smart Home & Office Model

Habitap has subscription-based access management solution, Habitap ONE.

Bridging all the current gaps in smart living, Habitap ONE is set to revolutionize the way people access homes and offices with a never-before-seen future-proofed access management solution.

Franklin Tang, Founder of Habitap said, “Habitap is known for providing intelligent cloud-based solutions that offer convenience, connectivity and control in the smart living space. Now, with Habitap ONE, we are excited to reshape the way we interact with the home or office and bring the ‘smart’ to millions globally. Habitap ONE is truly a future-proofed management solution that aligns with Habitap’s vision to bring the convenience of smart technology to everyone.”

With an intuitive user interface, the cloud-driven platform meets the needs of our fast-changing market for smarter security, making it truly seamless with minimal set-up and low cost of entry for all.

Condominium Management Councils, office building owners, and Managing Agents that implement Habitap One will dramatically see productivity increases, and savings in costs.

Through this subscription-based platform, homes and offices will be able to move away from the complexity of smart living while keeping costs to a minimum. Physical access cards will no longer be required, guest registrations no longer need to be managed manually and waiting time is dramatically reduced through the integrated app.

Habitap ONE aims to redefine smart living with one tap by making it simple, fuss-free and affordable for all through a subscription-based model.

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Habitap is part of our Batch 4 Smart Cities Program in Thailand.

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