How InsertCoin saw a 400% growth in their gamification platform

InsertCoin has just surpassed 5 million global users in our disruptive gamification platform - GWEN. That's an increase of 400% in just 12 months, reflecting the growing need for solutions that enhance user engagement.

We clearly see a skyrocketing demand for scalable gamification in digital products - Why now? The fact that the platform has reached 5 million users around the world shows that a demand exists and is growing rapidly, and not just in Sweden, and the demand continues as Insert Coin expects to reach 10 million users in 6–10 months. There are many reasons behind why the rise is happening now and so quickly. One is that there has been a big shift in the market during the Covid pandemic. Companies and organizations are investing more into digital platforms, which means a growing competitive battle for metrics such as engagement and retention of users.