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Hydroleap is listed among the Top 25 companies by Cleantech Group

Plug and Play Thailand is proud to announce that our Smart Cities Batch 2 startup, Hydroleap, has made it to the 2020 APAC 25 list produced by Cleantech Group, a global provider of research, consulting and events to catalyze opportunities in sustainable innovation.

About Hydroleap

Hydroleap Pte Ltd is a technology startup in the water and wastewater treatment space. At Hydroleap, we are making the treatment process, chemical-free, cost-effective, and easy to operate. We have achieved this by replacing expensive chemical treatments with smart electrical treatments. We have developed a cutting-edge water treatment technology that works the best on high suspended solids (TSS), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), and turbid and dye wastewater.

The Annual APAC 25 List

The APAC 25 is an annual list of private sustainable innovation companies that have gained the attention of market experts. The 25 companies are regarded as having the potential to make a significant impact in a five-to-ten-year time frame.

Every year, they unveil a new edition of the APAC 25, a list of leading private cleantech innovation companies from across the region. The companies are selected by combining the inputs of the APAC 25 expert panel, people connecting regularly with innovators in the region, with the APAC inputs from the Global Cleantech 100 process. Companies with the strongest patterns of validation across all points will receive the highest scores. Click here to meet the innovators on the APAC 25!

Expert Panel

Members of their expert panel provide critical inputs in creating each year’s list of APAC 25 companies. They have specialist knowledge of companies and ecosystems in one or more countries across the Asia Pacific region.

Each panelist provides between three and nine nominations, no more than a third of which can be portfolio companies (in the case of investors). Expert panelists can weight their nominations to indicate their relative strength, and all nominations are blind (no expert sees other panelists’ nominations). These nominations are then combined with the outcomes of our Global Cleantech 100 process, which benefits from thousands of data points from our tracking of investments, partnerships and third-party awards.

Would you like to join their expert panel for the 2022 edition of the APAC 25? Please let them know at

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Hydroleap is part of our Batch 2 Smart Cities Program in Thailand.

To find out more about our programs in Thailand, click here.

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To find out more about APAC Top 25 Startups, click here.

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