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JuiceInnov8 launches Incredible™ Juice, and unveils its first commercial partner as TCP Group

JuiceInnov8 launches Incredible™ Juice, and unveils its first commercial partner as TCP Group

JuiceInnov8, a Thai-Silicon Valley food biotech startup that develops sugar reduction technology using microbes, has launched an online limited sales of Incredible™ Juice Tea — the first product from their zero sugar juice platform — and sold out all 800 cups pre-order almost immediately.

This limited release is a part of their global premiere launch campaign to unveil Incredible™ Juice platform, a breakthrough 100% juice without sugar & (almost) zero calories as an ingredient platform for CPG and food services companies globally.

Together with this launch, JuiceInnov8 introduces its first product co-developed with TCP Group, Asia’s leading beverage manufacturer and owner of the iconic ‘Krating Daeng’ (Red Bull) energy drink brand in Asia and many other well-loved beverage and snack brands. This co-developed product will be branded as Incredible™ BOOOST™ and will hit the market as a 100% functional juice booster with 50% less natural sugar (less than 6g/100mL) & only 75KCal powered by JuiceInnov8's Incredible™ Juice with the blends of various cold-pressed juice and natural extracts from lemon balm, moringa and goji berry.

JuiceInnov8 spent 6 years developing its technology, from the discovery of specialized microbial strains from fruits & plants, to the development of sugar reduction in juice with proprietary bioprocessing technology that lets the microbes break down sugar molecules in juice. Their technology is the only "commercially viable" solution that can reduce 99.9% of all sugar (sucrose, fructose and glucose) out of juice.

By building Incredible™ Juice as an ingredient platform and partnering with CPG and food services company, JuiceInnov8 can extend the applications of their zero sugar juice beyond the juice category, allowing them to tap into a $400Bn market from tea & functional drinks to package foods and confectionery.

With the mission to bring down at least 30% of sugar in every drops of juice consumed globally by 2025, JuiceInnov8's go-to-market strategy is to introduce its Incredible™ Juice in a substitute for conventional juice in the current recipe of CPG & food services partners. This is a similar approach when Beyond Meat partner with Starbucks, Subway, and Dunkin' to bring its plant-based meat to replace conventional meat in the market.

"We were developing & scaling our technology—in a stealth mode—for years until we wholeheartedly believe that the taste is right, then we bring it to the market with our corporate partners," said Sean Trairatkeyoon, CEO & co-founder of JuiceInnov8.

"There are many attempts to tackle sugar reduction in the juice industry for a decade. While a few came out to claim that they are the first to do so, JuiceInnov8's key focus is to be the best among others in terms of taste and sugar reduction capabilities," he added.

“With the growing health trends around the world, consumers are increasingly searching for healthier alternatives in beverage without sacrificing great tastes. Our partnership with JuiceInnov8 brings together breakthrough innovation, deep commercial knowledge and market execution to serve consumer needs with transformational juice products. The move is in line with the vision of TCP Group to bring honour to Thailand through the excellence of our product and services, and will further strengthen our “House of Great Brands” portfolio,” said Saravoot Yoovidhya, CEO of TCP Group.

Founded in 2014, this Bangkok-based startup is one of the first venture-backed food biotech startups in Asia with US$1.2M raised to date from 500Startups, angel fund initiated by a group of alumni of Chulalongkorn University, and former executive of global CPG companies. JuiceInnov8 is also the first Asian startup in Food & Beverage verticals of Plug and Play Accelerator in Silicon Valley, and just got selected into Plug and Play Thailand in Food & Agtech program batch 0.

About JuiceInnov8 JuiceInnov8 is a food-biotechnology startup with a mission to reinvent & transform conventional foods into better & healthier ones through biotechnology, food science and extreme engineering. The company discovers unique non-GM microbial strains and develops proprietary bioprocessing technology to create 'Incredible™ Juice', a juice without sugar as an ingredient platform for food & beverage brands and food services partners globally. As one of Asia's top rising deep-tech startup, JuiceInnov8 is backed by 500Startups, awarded as Global Top 500 Deep-Tech Startups from Hello Tomorrow Global Summit in Paris and incubated at Plug and Play, a leading accelerator in Silicon Valley.

About TCP Group TCP Group products are enjoyed in more than 170 countries worldwide. The Group manufactures and sells products in six categories under eight primary main brands: Energy Drinks under the brands of Krating Daeng (Red Bull), Ready, Som Plus, and Warrior; Electrolyte Beverages under the Sponsor brand; Functional Drinks under the Mansome and Hi! brands; Ready-to-Drink Tea under the Puriku brand; Snacks under the Sun Snack brand and Beverage Concentrate for Red Bull original flavor. The group employs more than 5,000 people worldwide.

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JuiceInnov8 is a part of our Batch 0 Food & Agtech Program in Thailand.

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