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Kinexcs among six innovations awarded a total of $2.4 million at Healthcare InnoMatch 2022

Kinexcs among six innovations awarded a total of $2.4 million at Healthcare InnoMatch 2022

Winning start-ups and SMEs will collaborate with Singapore's public healthcare clusters to test-bed their new, near-market-ready solutions for possible adoption.

Six innovations have emerged winners at the Healthcare InnoMatch 2022 with their new, near-market-ready solutions that promise to strengthen healthcare transformation in Singapore and beyond, beating more than 250 applicants from 32 countries. A total of $2.4 million is awarded for them to begin test-bedding at a public healthcare cluster they are paired with, with the aim of possible eventual adoption and scaling by healthcare institutions across Singapore and beyond Singapore.

Organised by the Centre for Healthcare Innovation (CHI) and supported by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and Temasek Foundation (TF), Healthcare InnoMatch is an annual challenge targeting today's healthcare issues to bring about timely, positive patient health outcomes. Echoing the national move towards the vision of a Healthier Singapore, the theme for 2022 is "Delivering Care Beyond Hospital Walls", with the aim to strengthen our focus on providing better care in the community and raise awareness of preventive health and early intervention.

This year, the challenge attracted a total of $2.4 million in funding, allowing for twice the number of start-ups and SMEs to be selected as winners as compared to the inaugural year.

The winners were selected at a 'live' in-person finale, in which eight finalists pitched the value of their shortlisted innovations to a panel of judges. The panel comprised top leaders from the three national healthcare clusters, the Ministry of Health, Temasek Foundation and Integrated Health Information Systems.

The winners are (in no particular order of merit):

  • CoNEX Healthcare (partnered with National Healthcare Group)

  • FathomX (partnered with National University Health System)

  • Kinexcs (partnered with Singapore Health Services)

  • NuCalm (partnered with Singapore Health Services)

  • QuantumTX (partnered with National University Health System)

  • US2.AI (partnered with National Healthcare Group and Singapore Health Services)

The synopses of their winning proposals are in Annexe.

"We are pleased to support CHI's efforts to spur healthcare innovation through Healthcare InnoMatch. Our Healthier SG strategy involves every stakeholder in our health ecosystem, and such efforts to foster closer public-private collaboration to co-create new and innovative solutions will help us achieve better health outcomes for all Singaporeans more effectively," said Dr Cheong Wei Yang, Deputy Secretary (Technology), MOH.

Mr Lim Hock Chuan, Head, Programmes of Temasek Foundation, said, "We would like to congratulate the winners of this year's Healthcare InnoMatch. Their projects will help us push the boundary of the possibilities of healthcare in Singapore and beyond. The collaboration which we have created under the Healthcare InnoMatch provides a good platform for these innovations to be further developed and eventually implemented in hospital clusters. This will benefit the start-ups and innovators, the healthcare communities as well as patients and their families."

Collaboration with Public Healthcare Clusters

Launched in 2021, Healthcare InnoMatch is a global call for proposals from start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It serves as a platform for public healthcare providers and innovators from Singapore and beyond to solve pressing healthcare challenges through forward-thinking approaches and breakthrough technologies. It seeks innovative ideas that can transform the future of healthcare, such as through improving healthcare delivery, lowering barriers to affordable care, and bringing care closer to residents in the community.

For the first time, Healthcare InnoMatch sees all three public healthcare clusters in Singapore – National Healthcare Group, National University Health System and Singapore Health Services – collaborate to assess the clinical and operational feasibility of healthcare innovations using a common evaluation framework.

The winning projects have been paired and will be test-bedded with at least one public healthcare cluster, where they can further customise their products and gain constructive feedback from healthcare providers and patients before it is then scaled across the entire system if successful. This is designed to accelerate the development of their new, near-market-ready technologies, which can be time consuming and complex.

Winning projects would also be able to take advantage of the experience of test bedding their innovations at the public healthcare cluster level to prepare them for future larger-scale implementation and commercialisation beyond Singapore. Projects that are successfully test-bedded and adopted by our public healthcare clusters will benefit more patients and provide them with access to the latest solutions to improve their health outcomes.

"The support from MOH and TF and the partnership with the three public healthcare clusters speak volumes about our aligned vision to enable our patients and the community greater access to sustainable healthcare innovations. Together, we're enabling cross-cluster adoption, and with a shared framework, we are able to speed up this adoption process. This capability is at the heart of our intent when we set up CHISEL and initiated Healthcare InnoMatch, "said Associate Professor Wong Hon Tym, Clinical Director, CHI."

Healthcare InnoMatch 2021 Winner in Action

H-Man, a portable intelligent robotic device that assists stroke patients with therapy, is one of the Healthcare InnoMatch 2021 winners. Marrying research, technology, and innovation together, it seeks to improve patient care and coordinated care from the hospital to the home and into the community. Test-bedding of H-Man is near completion, and there is potential adoption to aid stroke patients in recovery. Patients can soon perform the rehabilitation exercises required to regain control of their arms and build strength without having to visit a clinic or hospital on a regular basis for therapy sessions.

CHISEL: Developing Innovations at Speed and Scale

Healthcare InnoMatch is a CHI Start-up Enterprise Link (CHISEL) initiative. Launched in November 2020, CHISEL is a platform to strengthen healthcare transformation. CHISEL facilitates a faster and more consistent adoption process for start-ups and SMEs to find suitable healthcare institutions to rapidly implement innovations using a sandbox approach.

Through a stage-by-stage approach, it will assist and enable start-ups and SMEs to demonstrate the value of their innovations in a simulated and/or clinical setting. CHISEL intends to present more innovations to the larger health community in the future through other initiatives similar to the Healthcare InnoMatch. These will give innovators access to more healthcare institutions, including public and private healthcare organisations and intermediate, long-term, and social care sectors.

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