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Meet 14 disruptive startups from Batch 6 of our APAC Smart Cities Accelerator Program

Meet 14 disruptive startups from Batch 6 of our APAC Smart Cities Accelerator Program

Results are in!

Congratulations to 14 groundbreaking startups who are joining Batch 6 of Plug and Play’s Smart Cities Accelerator Program in Asia Pacific!

We are thrilled to be training, mentoring, and supporting this startup cohort in their journey to launching groundbreaking innovations to shape the future of ‘Smart Cities’ in the APAC region.

Together with global corporations, these startups will be pioneering innovations and solving business challenges in various focus areas, including Sustainability, Energy, Carbon Capture, Enterprise Tech, Mobility, and Real Estate and Construction.

Over the next two months, these startups will take part in our accelerator program where they will get not only comprehensive training, educational workshops, and mentorship, but also the opportunity to fundraise and pitch to Plug and Play’s network of corporations, VCs, government, and fellow founders as well as innovators.

Huge thanks to our corporate partners: C.P. Group, Bangchak Corporation, Aboitiz Power, Filinvest, and Thai Oil, who joined us in evaluating and screening a selected few startups from around the world to participate in our accelerator program.

Meet 14 companies on the path to be the key innovators in APAC’s Smart Cities initiatives


Microwave Solutions, Switzerland, Pre-Series A

MWS leverages advanced microwave pyrolysis and plasma greentech platform to convert hard-to-recycle carbonaceous waste, biomass, and gases into valuable by-products in a form of carbon-based advanced/nano materials such as graphene, graphite, nanotube, and synthetic diamonds.

Bioreset, Brazil, Bootstrapped

Bioreset is a biotechnology startup producing 100% organic compound (polymer) via microbiological fermentation, a natural biotechnological process. Their organic polymer biodegrades faster than conventional plastic resins and can replace plastic production without causing environmental degradation.


TWEFDA, Scotland, Pre-Seed

TWEFDA is developing a solution for producing, storing, and managing energy offshore. The ES-Wave, a hybrid energy converter with storage capabilities, can generate unprecedented levels of wave energy and store large amounts of energy in the greenest way possible in the National Grid.

Solight, Israel, Pre-Series A

Solight LTD is developing an innovative efficient and affordable static solar lighting system. The Solight system collects sunlight throughout the day and effectively channels it into desired spaces as natural healthy full spectrum interior lighting.

Plexigrid, Spain, Series A

Plexigrid's technology provides distribution grid operators with real-time analytics, control, and flexibility capabilities. Their tech solution will enable a more intelligent and efficient operation of electricity distribution grids, making the energy transition faster, more affordable, and more sustainable for billions of people.

IoTecha, United States, Series C

IoTecha is accelerating the Electric Vehicle Revolution by providing critical hardware and software components for the Smart Charging infrastructure with its comprehensive IoT.ON™ Platform, enabling the integration of tens of millions of Electric Vehicles with the Power Grid.

GBatteries, Canada, Series A

GBatteries is pioneering technology which enables ultra-fast charging of Li-ion batteries without compromising battery life or changing the battery’s chemistry or manufacturing process. With the capability to charge today’s li-ion battery as fast as a car can be filled with gasoline, their mission is to accelerate electric vehicle deployment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Troes Corp, Canada, Seed

TROES Corp delivers high-performance cloud-based energy storage systems for small to mid-sized energy projects. Commercial, industrial and institutional power consumers can reduce carbon emissions in their energy transition to decentralized energy resources with its cheaper, faster, and more adaptable solution.

Carbon Capture

OCOchem, United States, Seed

OCOchem electrocatalytically converts captured CO2, water, and electricity to make green hydrogen energy in an energy-dense, non-flammable liquid hydrogen carrier molecule, formic acid. This makes storing and moving distributed hydrogen greener, safer, and more cost-effective, helping businesses reduce the carbon intensity and cost of their operations.

Capture6, United States, Pre-Series A

Capture6 helps businesses, governments, and communities mitigate the risks of climate change through direct air capture (DAC) with a proprietary CO2 removal system. They are the first in the market to offer permanent million-ton direct air capture installations – solutions that are safe and permanent, to benefit people and the planet.

Pennsaco, United States, Seed

Pennsaco recycles biomass waste, plastics, municipal solid waste, and CO2 into carbon-negative green hydrogen, renewable electricity, and biochar for permanent CO2 removal, producing more low-cost permanent CO2 removal from the atmosphere than anything in production today.

Enterprise Tech

FlexOS, Singapore, Seed

FlexOS helps companies to adopt hybrid work and improve employee engagement and employee retention by boosting connection, collaboration, community and company culture.


Ion Mobility, Singapore, Seed

Ion Mobility is an all-electric mobility company tackling the Southeast Asia market to create affordable, desirable, and sustainable mobility , home to over 200 million Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) motorcycles.

Real Estate & Construction

Antbuildz, Singapore, Seed reinvents the traditional B2B equipment rental into a touchless rental experience. By digitalizing the entire B2B equipment rental process, both equipment owner and user can be connected in just a few clicks.

Register now to catch these startups pitch their innovative solutions at our upcoming APAC Summit.

To find out more about our Smart Cities program, click here.

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