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Meet NextBlock – A hyperlocal, digital platform for neighbours and homegrown businesses

  • NextBlock is a social platform that connects real and verified neighbours based on their locations

  • The digital platform allows neighbours within the same geographical area to share information and communicate

  • NextBlock also features a newsfeed where you can view and interact with posts made by neighbours, and even buy products and services from local businesses

Meet NextBlock – A hyperlocal, digital platform for neighbours and homegrown businesses

NextBlock, a hyperlocal, digital platform that is designed towards fostering neighbour-to-neighbour communication launched islandwide. Imagine a platform like Facebook, but instead of your newsfeed is filled with friends and family, it is from real and verified neighbours who live in your neighbourhood. Users will be able to post neighbourhood updates, missing or found pets, and items for sale, and the network can be used to alert everyone about suspicious activity and small crimes. It functions as a hub where neighbours routinely ask for recommendations for home repairs, real estate and maintenance, restaurant recommendations, horticultural activities, food recipes or even a SkillsFuture group.

NextBlock is free and built to empower neighbours to come together and feel comfortable with sharing information with one another. The only caveat is that all users must verify that they live within the neighbourhood’s postal code, either through an invitation code or through uploading a proof of residency that reflects your address.

To join NextBlock, members of the public can download the NextBlock app via from the Google Play Store on Android Phones or the Apple Store on iPhones. Verified users will be able to enjoy curated discounts provided by NextBlock’s merchant partners during the ongoing launch campaign from now till 31st July 2022.

How to use NextBlock

NextBlock is a discussion-style platform where neighbours post updates, events, deals and promotions within the neighbourhood and ask for recommendations, as well as list items for sale.

Posting a new discussion is easy as long as one is a verified user, and has done up a profile with a short bio. On the main feed, neighbours can come together and share information about their neighbourhood happenings through the “My District” tab.

Under the “My Estate” tab, users can connect closely with their neighbours within the same estate cluster. Under the “Explore” tab, users can also explore trending topics or happenings over at the other districts and interest groups within the app, allowing them to discover other neighbourhoods.

Users can also create groups to connect with like-minded individuals and they can opt for the group to be a private or public one. The “Notifications” tab will alert you to any updates in your area, whether urgent or not.

The company has plans to work with public agencies to empower them for more effective communication with the residents of the neighbourhood by tapping into NextBlock’s digital platform. Homegrown, small business owners can take advantage of NextBlock’s hyperlocal social networking app to digitally market their services directly to their target audience within the estate.

Since the initial launch, NextBlock has already onboarded 15,000 users, and built 980 estates and 220 groups to connect like-minded people together.

“NextBlock is bringing back the kampung spirit in a digital era. There is a sense of 'we are all in this together’, and the underpinnings are strong from a trusted perspective. We aim to create a safe space for neighbours to connect within the estate, and help small businesses to reach out effectively. We also understand the importance of how a strong hyperlocal network plays a vital role in advancing the future economy of connectivity. By adopting NextBlock, we want to help micro and small local businesses reach their fullest potential,” said Darrell Zhang, Co-Founder of NextBlock.

Some users from the Serangoon Garden, Hougang and Punggol district (District 19) have also taken to the app to share their feedback.

“I like the entire concept of neighbours connecting with one another. Like the sharing of news around willingly and in my opinion, a lot better than social networks,” Cheryl Teo, NextBlock neighbour in District 19 shared her feedback.

“I like the app as it’s filled with positivity from founders and neighbours here, an open-minded and sharing community aka kampung spirit!” expressed Julin, NextBlock neighbour in District 19.



About NextBlock

Headquartered in Singapore, NextBlock is a hyperlocal social networking app for the neighbourhood. Launched in February 2022, the app is specifically designed to foster interaction between neighbours. By utilising the digital platform, residents within the same neighbourhood can come together to share information about the latest events and happenings, business owners can effectively reach their target customers and public agencies can communicate directly with the residents of the neighbourhood. NextBlock empowers neighbours to interact in a trusted environment and build a strong and safe digital estate.

Follow NextBlock on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok @NextBlock.Sg or visit for more exciting updates.

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