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Meet the rising startups from our Sustainability Batch 1 Accelerator Program in the APAC region

Meet the rising startups from our Sustainability Batch 1 Accelerator Program in the APAC region

Congratulations to the 8 startup companies that were selected by Rightship into our Plug and Play Sustainability Accelerator Program in the Asia Pacific region!

We are excited to be working with this cohort who are pioneering innovative business solutions for global corporations in sustainability-related technology, solving challenges in carbon emissions tracking, green supply chains, crew wellness, maritime green financing, and more.

Over the course of the program, cohort startups will have an opportunity to benefit from comprehensive training, educational workshops, mentorship, fundraising and pitching opportunities to the global network of Plug and Play corporations, VCs, government, fellow founders and innovators.

8 companies joining the Sustainability Program in the Asia Pacific region include:

  1. Crewdentials HQ: Guernsey Crewdentials is a software platform putting the seafarer at the heart of their data and enabling maritime stakeholders to collaborate. Digitalising employment and career processes to improve standards of compliance, safety and wellbeing.

  2. Fishtail HQ: United States Fishtail makes trade finance simple and automated. Fishtail digitizes and automates physical and financial flows to enable financing for SMBs within minutes.

  3. Fregata Space HQ: Spain Fregata Space develops an earth observation platform to determine the level of pollutants in water bodies. Fregata Space creates unique machine learning algorithms on any satellite remote sensing image linked to other available data sources.

  4. GreenRouter HQ: Italy GreenRouter, founded as an innovative start-up in 2016 in Milan, deals with Environmental Sustainability mainly in the field of logistics. Our goal is to support our customers in their Decarbonization Journey by mapping their Supply Chain, detecting the Corporate Carbon Footprint and identifying strategies to reduce CO2 emissions.

  5. MarineLabs HQ: Canada MarineLabs provides real-time Coastal Intelligence, transforming the ocean transportation sector and building climate resilience with the world’s highest resolution data on coastal weather conditions.

  6. Sealution HQ: Belgium Founded in 2021, Sealution is a B2B hardware-enabled software startup that provides connectivity on board of merchant vessels to enable data collection below deck. The collected data is used for preventive maintenance and furthermore for reselling to relevant data aggregators such as insurance companies. Our system significantly reduces areas without connectivity, displays the real-time location of the crewmembers, connects the ship’s internal systems to the central module and displays ship status in real life to our users.

  7. Sinay HQ: France Sinay provides powerful information to offshore construction and maritime supply chain companies to combine operation efficiency and sustainability using both AI cloud-platform and data collection network at sea.

  8. Scoutbase HQ: Denmark Scoutbase is a tech solution that regularly, automatically, checks in with ships' crew, asking about their work and life on board. The Scoutbase interface appears on crew members' personal devices, but without a need for any app downloads or maintenance, as Scoutbase integrates with the onboard WIFI. The result is a continuous real-time, high frequency, data stream. This is visualized on a dashboard, providing insight and transparency on factors affecting safety, wellbeing and productivity, from crews' own perspectives.

To find out more about our Sustainability program in APAC, click here.


About Plug and Play

Plug and Play is a global innovation platform. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, we have built accelerator programs, corporate innovation services, and an in-house VC to make technological advancement progress faster than ever before. Since inception in 2006, our programs have expanded worldwide to include a presence in over 30 locations globally giving startups the necessary resources to succeed in Silicon Valley and beyond. With over 30,000 startups and 400 official corporate partners, we have created the ultimate startup ecosystem in many industries. Companies in our community have raised over $9 billion in funding, with successful portfolio exits including Danger, Rappi, Dropbox, Lending Club and PayPal.

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