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Men’s Health & Wellness Brand Elio Unveils Rebrand for a Better Quality of Life

Elio, the first digital platform in Indonesia dedicated to men's health and wellness, officially rebranded as Norm starting September 9, 2020. With a mission to improve the overall quality of life for men, this rebranding was carried out as a result of Norm's direction of developing products and services that are now wider and more diverse. Norm will be the first local brand to focus on clinically tested health and wellness products for men.

The stigma associated with self-care for men as unmasculine is one of the reasons towards men’s lack of awareness in taking care of themselves. Although data shows that 60% of women consider men with hair problems to be unattractive, many men are still embarrassed, lazy, or feel that health and wellness products are expensive. With that being said, Norm is here as the main solution to problems such as hair loss, acne, sexual health, and the overall wellness of Indonesian men, at affordable prices.

“During this rebranding opportunity, we chose the name Norm with the hope that our product will become a new norm or movement for men to have a better quality of life. Norm is here as the main destination when men are looking for health products or products related to grooming and wellness. Through Norm, we also want to communicate a more positive mindset about men’s health and self-care.” said Waldo Hartanto, Co-CEO of Norm.

Without the need to leave the house, Norm uses telehealth technology with online doctor consultations so that every user's privacy is safeguarded. Their health products ranging from hair loss, acne, and sexual health treatments, contain the best formulas which passed clinical trials under the supervision of doctors and medical experts, proving that they are effective while being safe to use.

In addition to these three health products, in December 2020, Norm will also present a more diverse range of products, such as hair products, face care, and body care with special formulations. This product development is also a form of Norm's new focus. By prioritizing practicality, each product will be delivered to your house. Customer service is always ready to help whenever you have any questions regarding product usage. No doubt, the easy and comfortable customer journey makes Norm an effective and efficient solution for men’s health and wellness problems.

"As a form of our dedication to men, one of the online initiatives we did in early September was #NewNORMchallenge. Through this online challenge, we encourage men to adopt healthy habits and maintain their wellness as the new norm in the new normal situation. We hope that in the future men can practice this good habit with Norm. Norm believes that all men have the right to take care of themselves for their health and as well as their appearance. Hopefully, Norm can help men achieve their best version." Walton Hartanto concluded.

Currently, a range of products for hair loss, acne and sexual health problems can be obtained through official site, Tokopedia, and via Whatsapp - Norm Customer Service at +6281342003009.

About Norm

Norm is one of our GK - Plug and Play portfolio companies based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Norm is a men's brand that offers a range of men's health and wellness products that are effective, practical and affordable. Norm has a wide range of products to treat hair loss, acne and sexual health problems. As of September 2020, Norm has 12,000 active users. Norm has the vision to be the main destination for all men's product needs, where Norm will expand its male-only products in December 2020.



Norm is one of our portfolio startups in Plug and Play APAC. As an in-house venture capital, our goal is to fund the teams that are building the defensible businesses of the future. By leveraging our capital, our network of VCs, and our corporate partners, we give our portfolio companies an added advantage. Join our platform today!

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