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Mesh Bio pioneers innovative solutions to tackle chronic diseases head-on

Mesh Bio pioneers innovation solutions to tackle chronic diseases head-on

Chronic diseases have become a growing concern worldwide due to the aging population and changes in societal behavior, leading to an increase in long-term health problems. The World Health Organization predicts a 57% rise in chronic disease prevalence by 2022, making it a pressing issue that needs to be addressed.

Fortunately, Singapore-based health-tech startup Mesh Bio is stepping up to tackle this challenge. In its third year of operations, the company is using its predictive analytics clinical solutions to reduce the burden of chronic diseases and the shortage of primary care expertise. Mesh Bio’s solution, called DARA, allows doctors to predict diseases before they occur, making healthcare delivery less complex for patients, healthcare providers, and payers alike.

With Mesh Bio’s innovative approach to chronic disease management, there is hope for a better future for patients and healthcare providers alike. By predicting diseases before they occur, Mesh Bio is paving the way for more effective healthcare delivery, ultimately reducing the burden of chronic diseases on society.

#biztechasia caught up with Andrew Wu, Co-Founder and CEO of Mesh Bio, to discuss the importance of chronic disease management in today’s world. He shared insights on the impact of predictive analytics on individual patients, medical practitioners, and healthcare systems and shed light on how DARA is being utilized in Singapore and other markets in the Asia Pacific region.

Additionally, Andrew touched on:

  • Mesh Bio’s partners and the stakeholders it engages with

  • The startup’s partnership with PT Pramita and what this means for the population in Indonesia.

  • Why shifting from an illness to a health and wellness paradigm is vital for societies.

Guest: Andrew Wu, Co-Founder and CEO, Mesh Bio

Host: Brian Fernandez

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Written by: Geraldine, Biztech Asia

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