PERA HUB Join Forces With Brankas to Launch Digital Remittance Platform

Philippines’ financial services center PERA HUB has joined forces with Brankas, an Indonesian open API technology provider, to launch a digital remittance platform, PERA HUB Conex.

The platform serves foreign and local remittance companies, fintech partners, banks, e-wallets, brick-and-mortar retailers, and any other business looking to offer their customers digital remittance services.

As PERA HUB’s technology partner, Brankas is implementing its Open Finance system to unlock new digital remittance channels for Filipinos at home and abroad.

Brankas provides a secure API developer portal that enables partners to access the PERA HUB network.

The platform will offer services that include international and domestic remittances, sending remittances for direct credit to bank account or e-wallet, account validation and KYC, digital micro-insurance as well as instant bill payments.

PERA HUB said that these services are available at more than 3000 locations in the Philippines.

Ian Ocampo, President and CEO of PERA HUB said,

“We’re very excited to introduce the very first digital remittance platform in the market, providing a hub where businesses can offer their services to multiple communities. Through our open and cost-efficient platform, we will provide remittance brands with safe and scalable solutions.”

Todd Schweitzer, CEO of Brankas commented,

“We are committed to driving Open Finance adoption in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, and by partnering with PERA HUB, we can help millions of Filipinos to safely and affordably access digital financial services in new ways. We also hope that the digital remittance platform will unlock a new generation of “fintech” startups in the Philippines that can use PERA HUB APIs to build new products to serve Filipinos around the world.”



ARTICLE WRITTEN BY: Fintech News Philippines

Brankas is one of our portfolio startups in Plug and Play APAC.

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