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PolicyPal enters financial planning market through ValueChampion buy

Founded in 2019, ValueChampion is a financial advisory firm that provides its consumers with in-depth product analysis and financial advice. The company is focused on helping individuals obtain loans, credit cards, and insurance products, and it currently operates in four Asian markets, including Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, and India. The company has seen rapid growth in the past two years, and by the end of 2020, it had over 200,000 consumers across its four markets.

ValueChampion's acquisition by PolicyPal is a strategic move that will allow PolicyPal to expand into the financial planning and management sector. PolicyPal is a fintech firm that provides its customers with a one-stop shop for all their insurance needs, from finding the right insurance coverage to managing their policies. The company was acquired by AMTD Digital, the digital finance arm of AMTD Group, in March 2020 for an eight-figure sum. Prior to the acquisition, PolicyPal raised seed funding in a round led by 500 Startups.

The acquisition of ValueChampion by PolicyPal will allow the two companies to join forces and provide their customers with even better financial planning and management services. Although ValueChampion will become a subsidiary of PolicyPal, the company's websites will keep their own names and operations. This means that ValueChampion's customers will continue to receive the same high-quality financial advice and product analysis that they have come to know and trust.

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