Revolutionizing Water Treatment on Construction Sites

Alfatech is leading the world with new technologies and sustainability integration for constructions sites. Partnering with Hydroleap for water treatment Earth Control Measures (ECM), this unique technology enables companies to cut cost and repurpose water by eliminating coagulant and flocculation agents, chemical waste and maintenance regimes. Using no chemicals, less manpower and generally less power to operate – Hydroleap’s ECM systems uses electrolysis to bring particulates out of the water.

Who is Hydroleap and what do we do?

A Singapore-grown company saw a variety of issues from companies who wanted to cut costs, save manpower while taking another step closer to sustainability. From these issues, Hydroleap was born – which aims to provide chemical-free, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solutions. For treatment of silty water, or ECM, Hydroleap offers a new way of treating water by replacing chemicals with electricity to treat suspended solids.

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Project Results

The client managed to cut at least 50% on its cost while eliminating the need for chemicals and manpower to operate it. Regionally based in Singapore with projects throughout Southeast Asia, Alfatech primarily focuses on technical projects with high technical barriers to entry such as data centers, cleans rooms and high-tech manufacturers. Initiating a newfound partnership with Hydroleap, the successful delivery of this project and the benefits seen – brought about by Hydroleap’s 20㎥/hr and 60㎥/hr units – has the potential to bring a positive impact on the industry to adopt.

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Hydroleap is a part of our Batch 2 Smart Cities Program in Thailand.

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