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Smart Cities Batch 2 Startup Showcase

We’ve just held our Smart Cities Selection Week and are excited to be bringing the top startups with different focus areas into our batch. Congrats to all the startups that have been selected for Batch 2 of our Smart Cities Program!

These are the 15 startups in our batch:

  1. Atmo Biosciences - Atmo Biosciences is a clinical-stage digital health business focussed on empowering researchers, clinicians, and patients with objective real-time insights into gut health and microbiome function

  2. Bimmatch - SaaS market solution to automate and optimize the procurement of construction products and materials.

  3. Bluespace - Provide accessible and sustainable urban mass transit.

  4. Butlr - AIoT insight and intelligence for indoor people movement without violating individual privacy.

  5. DocDoc - DocDoc is the world's first patient intelligence company. Our goal is to optimize healthcare outcomes and spending and improve the patient’s end-to-end healthcare journey.

  6. ENRES - ENRES is an AIoT platform that digitalizes and analyzes building and factory management, allowing them to reduce tedious operation, excess energy consumption, unprepared business interruptions.

  7. GTRIIP - GTRIIP is a digital identity platform for global citizens, where users validate their photo ID with a smartphone selfie and contactlessly check-in to hotels.

  8. HonestDocs - HD (HonestDocs) is a managed marketplace for healthcare in emerging Southeast Asia, offering full-stack patient care from teleconsultation and medicine delivery to hospital and clinic bookings.

  9. Hydroleap - Hydropleap provides advanced environmental-friendly technological water treatment solutions.

  10. Insolight - Insolight is building the most efficient translucent solar PV modules in the world for combination above agriculture.

  11. Lifetrack Medical Systems - Lifetrack Medical Systems is a health-tech company that developed the first scalable, distributed medical imaging software designed for affordable access in emerging markets.

  12. Peach IntelliHealth - We give providers a deep tech “crystal ball” to see their ICU or ambulatory patient’s future physiologic scores, so they know who will deteriorate, the decline rate and magnitude, and who will or will not respond to existing treatment.

  13. Saffe - Saffe is a world-class facial recognition provider based in Artificial Intelligence and focused on payments and secure authentications.

  14. Solar Food - Solar Foods produce the World’s most sustainable protein without agriculture and limitations in scale.

  15. Wunder Mobility - Platform to launch and scale new mobility services, manage and finance fleets of shared vehicles, optimize daily operations and improve urban planning and traffic management.


To know more about our Smart Cities program in Thailand, click here.

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