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Solving financial challenges for blue-collar workers

Frontier Fintech spoke to Vidit Agrawal, the CEO and Co-Founder of GajiGesa, a financial health platform that provides Indonesian employees with financial education and early access to their salaries.

Together with his Co-Founder Martyna Malinowska, FRM, they are helping blue-collar workers in Indonesia access their financials and equip them with tools to free them from the vicious loan shark cycle.

We talked all about earned wage access in #Indonesia and more:

  • How Gajigesa is helping help blue-collar workers across Indonesia

  • How does earned wage access work on the backend

  • How does Gajigesa positively contribute to employers and companies

  • The future of earned wage access in SEA

  • Challenges of starting a company amidst the pandemic

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Gajigesa is one of our portfolio startups in Plug and Play APAC. As an in-house venture capital, our goal is to fund the teams that are building the defensible businesses of the future. By leveraging our capital, our network of VCs, and our corporate partners, we give our portfolio companies an added advantage. Join our platform today!

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