STACS supports Asia’s Digital Securities Offerings Platform InvestaX as private blockchain provider

Singapore-headquartered FinTech firm Hashstacs Pte Ltd (‘STACS’), focused on unlocking value for the financial industry and enabling Environmental, Social, and Governance (‘ESG’) finance, supported InvestaX as industry collaborator in their Proof-of-Concept (PoC) for tokenization of Singapore Variable Capital Companies (‘VCC’). Project e-VCC, led by InvestaX, UBS, State Street, and CMS, involved examining the technological, legal, and practical feasibility of tokenizing the Singapore Variable Capital Company using a blockchain native structure. Hashstacs Pte Ltd (‘STACS) and The Tezos Foundation were selected as private and public blockchain protocol providers respectively for this global first initiative. Through this proof-of-concept, industry participants were able to determine the lifecycle and workflow processes for efficiencies gained using an e-VCC by the relevant stakeholders (i.e. fund manager, fund administrator and investors), and the potential key considerations for tradability of such e-VCC securities on exchanges like InvestaX.