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TurtleTree Scientific and JSBiosciences enter into a strategic partnership

JSBiosciences (hereinafter referred to as "JSBio") has just announced a partnership with TurtleTree Scientific (hereinafter referred to as "TTS"). Both parties have signed a letter of intent to collaborate in the development of cell culture media at a commercial scale. JSBio will provide TTS's customers with a supply of food-grade basal media and media formulation services, also expanding to other services including large-scale manufacturing.

TTS's parent company, TurtleTree Labs Pte Ltd, is already a customer of this partnership and has an exclusive patented technology around the production of human milk as well as naturally occurring components within it. These different ingredients have various targeted health benefits and their commercial production will unlock access to better nutrition for infants, young children, and adults alike. JSBio has a robust track record for the development of mammalian cell culture media with validated large-scale production and cell culture process development capacity. For TurtleTree Scientific customers, this means having access to complete media solutions at the price point necessary to make cell agriculture a reality for mass production.

Both parties have recognized the potential synergies and have entered a collaboration to complement each other's advantages. There is untapped potential for biopharmaceutical technology to be applied to the production of food and nutrition in the cell agriculture industry. This will shape the future of safe, accessible, and higher-quality sustainable foods.

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