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Optimizing Sample Generation with Greencovery's XPure-S SMB System

Sample generation using Simulated Moving Bed (SMB)

Greencovery keeps expanding, and last year they started a sample generation facility. In this facility, they produce kilograms of samples to be tested in food applications. During the last months, Greencovery tested the facility to produce ingredients from different food side-streams and samples were tested on several applications. One of those ingredients was the production of a natural preservative based on potassium lactate. To produce this sample, 100 L of side-stream was processed with their technology and the simulated moving bed (SMB) from their partner XPure Chromatography Systems.

On November 2021, Greencovery rented the XPure-S simulated moving bed (SMB) system, and the system was used at the facility. The system was installed and coupled with their other separation units. Running the system at the facility went really smoothly thanks to the help from two members from XPure’s team, Pieter de Wit and Andrea Kurtinović.

It was a great opportunity to test continuous chromatography at the facilities and validate the combination of technologies. Greencovery is really glad about the outcome and with the collaboration with XPure, and is looking forward to further applications and collaboration in the future. Samples have been tested in the following weeks, looking forward to the next steps.

Find out more: XPure-S simulated moving bed (SMB) system

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Greencovery is part of our Batch 1 Food & AgTech Program in Thailand.

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