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Waste Labs selected in Avery Dennison First Cohort of Startups for Global Pilot Accelerator Program

In partnership with Highline Beta, Avery Denison’s AD Stretch Accelerator will bring 9 startups from across the globe into their pilot-focused accelerator program to discover new frontiers in materials innovation, sustainable and responsible supply chain and customer experience.

Earlier this year, Highline Beta and global manufacturing leader Avery Dennison launched AD Stretch™, a non-dilutive global pilot accelerator program that gives startups an opportunity to run funded pilots. The program is devoted to discovering innovative and sustainable labeling and packaging, responsible supply chain and customer experience solutions. With cutting-edge research and development facilities, AD Stretch will tackle the challenge of working at the speed of technology without harming the Earth: our only home and most precious resource.

Today we are pleased to announce that Avery Dennison has named the 9 startups with whom they will be running global pilots across Latin America (LATAM) and Asia Pacific (APAC).

"We are excited about the opportunity to co-create this incredible accelerator program with Avery Dennison to enable startups across the globe with unmatched commercial pilot opportunities. Having such win:win opportunities, to partner with a world-class materials science leader, solve real industry challenges and accelerate time to market, is a truly unique opportunity for entrepreneurs and innovators across the global startup ecosystem." - Hussam Ayyad, Chief Accelerator Officer, Highline Beta

Hundreds of startups from over 30 countries applied to this prestigious global accelerator program, each with an exciting vision for innovation in the fields of packaging and labeling. After reviewing all submissions, Avery Dennison and Highline Beta are ready to guide the first AD Stretch cohort through the next phase of the accelerator.

Over the next 6 months these startups will be working hand-in-hand with dedicated pilot champions and leading industry experts/mentors at Avery Dennison to plan, execute and analyze commercial pilots in Latin America and Asia that focus on materials innovation, sustainable and responsible supply chain, and customer experience.

"It’s been a whirlwind international journey together with Highline Beta, and we’re delighted to have been able to choose from some of the very best innovators in labels and packaging for our first AD Stretch cohort. We’re confident that these startups are going to help us significantly in our mission to lead the industry in sustainable and innovative solutions." - Shruti George, Vice President, Strategic Innovation Platforms at Avery Dennison

Meet AD Stretch Cohort 1

The following startups have been chosen to work with Avery Dennison and Highline Beta to participate

Arylla (Milan, Italy): They use a proprietary ink to print invisible identifiers or “tags” on every product. Their tag platform integrates seamlessly with third party software to offer new types of customer experiences, fight counterfeiting, and improve traceability.

Cellr (Perth, Australia): A software solution which helps you scan, connect and engage, along with PolyLaminate wine closures to include anti-counterfeit solutions.

CollectID (Goldach, Switzerland): They combine encrypted, smartphone-ready NFC tags with secure, immutable NFTs (non-fungible tokens) to guarantee a product’s authenticity with just a single tap on the smartphone. Creating digital triggers in embellishments.

FL Technologies (APAC): By combining polymer material science and plant physiology, the research team has created a nanomaterial that can simultaneously remove ethylene and inhibit the growth of decay-causing bacteria, which is applied to the green storage of fruits.

GreenPlat (São Paulo, Brazil): An ESG management and monitoring software that tracks processes and production chains, from origin to destination, in addition to managing your production losses.

Make Grow Lab (Puławy, Poland): They grow a new generation of materials and resources to replace fossil-fuels in packaging, textiles, etc. A solution that is durable and home compostable, a great alternative to plastic coated paper and foils.

Varcode (Illinois, United States): An accessible solution for time and temperature monitoring data without added use of batteries or electronics to improve safety, quality and sustainability of perishable products all the way to the last mile.

Waste Labs (Singapore): AI platform to optimize expensive and inefficient waste and recycling logistics and enable manufacturers to produce more goods from recycled materials.

StaTwig (Singapore): StaTwig is a SaaS startup focused on solving supply chain failures such as counterfeiting, black-marketing and stockouts by capturing the journey of every single unit of product in the supply chains.

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Waste Labs is a part of our Batch 2 End Plastic Waste and Batch 3 Smart Cities Accelerator Program.

To find out more about our End Plastic Waste Accelerator Program, click here.

To find out more about our Smart Cities Accelerator Program, click here.

To view the original article, click here.

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