Real Estate Tech

Our Real Estate & Construction Innovation Platform is an ecosystem connecting forward-thinking corporations with the best startups in the industry.

Startups will get access to different business units at the largest construction, property management, architecture, and planning companies.

Some of our focus areas include Planning & Design, Project Management, Land Use, Construction, Workforce Optimization, Safety & Building Analysis and Asset & Property Management

Internet of Things

We’ve created a combination of an Internet of Things accelerator, an entrepreneurial ecosystem, and a way for forward-thinking corporations and VCs to connect with world-class startups.

Some of our focus areas include Industrial IoT, A.I. & Big Data, Smart Infrastructure, Workflow Optimization, Robotics & Automation and VR & AR.


We spend a large proportion of our lives moving around. It’s time to make it smarter. Our program has set out to change the world of mobility forever and make giant leaps towards a new, more connected experience than ever before.

Our Mobility program is an innovation platform that creates an in-depth and curated collaboration between core partners from the industry, investment firms, and mentors to help the growth of startup companies.

Energy & Sustainability

Tackling the innovation challenge in the industry that powers the world. Some of our focus areas include Energy Trading, Management Software Platforms, Energy Efficiency, Distributed Energy & Grid Storage, EV Charging Technology, Smart Home & IoT, Asset Management & Predictive Analytics, Supply Chain Optimization.


We connect the best startups in the world to corporations who wants to disrupt the healthcare industry. We focus on digital health technologies that challenge clinical practices, improve data analytics, and enhance the patient journey across the continuum of care.