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We help you in
every stage of your 
innovation journey

We make corporate innovation easier, by matching large corporations with the brightest startups. Increase operational efficiencies, lower costs, find new product lines, and become more innovative from the core.

Gain access to 30,000+ global startups.

Boost your digital innovation as a corporate partner


Meet the right startups

We have a network of 30,000+ carefully-curated international startups. Join our corporate innovation platform and gain access to a strategically-aligned selection of startups that meet your tech interests.

Network with peers

Meet industry peers, learn best practices, and set industry standards at hundreds of public and private events every year. We not only organize events but also facilitate relevant introductions.


Access to latest trends

We know how technology is impacting each industry. We will share with you the latest trends, help you define a roadmap, and make sure that you’re at the forefront of digital transformation.

Collaboration with 
startups, made easier

As a corporate innovation partner, you'll have access to dealflows: Dealflows are one-on-one meetings between partners and startups. Corporate partners identify key challenges and we introduce them to a selection of startups that explore potential solutions. 

The end goals of dealflows are pilot or proof-of-concept (POC) opportunities, investments or acquisitions.

Empower your 
innovation journey 
with Playbook
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Exclusively for Plug and Play partners, Playbook is our in-house innovation software that allows you to easily track engagement with startups, take data-driven decisions and streamline stakeholder buy-in.
Why choose Plug and Play?
Global Reach

Local players are

constricted by borders.

At Plug and Play, we're present in 30+ locations, and we give

you access to the best 

global startups.

Acceleration Programs

We run 60+ startups

accelerator programs each year. Our Batches are selected based on our most-engaged partners' tech interest.

Thought Leadership

We organise Deep Dives or Executive Workshops uniquely tailored to your individual needs and corporation innovation strategy.

Scope into other industries

By working with us, we give you unique insights across 18+ global industries for a complete scope on trends that can help you succeed.

Our Partners
You'll be in good company
The world is moving fast. 
We help you move faster. 
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