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Plug and Play’s Presence in APAC

Explore Plug and Play APAC's locations across the region, including Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. Discover the latest innovation trends and the startups transforming industries in Asia. Join our ecosystem and collaborate with top corporations and startups to drive business growth and digital transformation.
Our Locations:
Plug and Play has its APAC headquarters in Singapore, where it began investing in high-tech startups in 2010. Our main focus areas include Financial Services, Travel and Hospitality, Health, and Sustainability, and we also work with partners like Enterprise Singapore and Visa to run specialized programs. With a thriving startup scene and collaborative support, we're dedicated to continuing to help innovative businesses succeed in the region.
Our Programs in Singapore
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Our entry into Indonesia's startup scene in 2016 was no small feat - it was done in collaboration with Gan Kapital, at the personal invitation of President Jojo Widodo himself. Based in bustling Jakarta, we're determined to continue making waves in the dynamic and rapidly evolving startup landscape of Indonesia. With the support of our stellar partners and an exciting ecosystem, we know there's no limit to what we can achieve.
Our Programs in Indonesia
In 2019, we established our Bangkok office with a Smart Cities focus, aimed at innovating across industries such as Energy, Health, Internet of Things, and Mobility. In addition, we have also launched a Food and Agtech Accelerator to driving innovation in this critical sector. With a mission to improve the lives of people through technology, we're eager to continue our journey and help shape the future of Thailand's startup scene.
Our Programs in Thailand
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Our program in the Philippines is like a treasure hunt for promising Singaporean startups, leading them into an untapped innovation ecosystem that's ripe with opportunity. Through our Global Innovation Alliance program, we're committed to connecting startups with the right stakeholders and providing guidance and mentorship to help them expand their networks and break into the Philippines market.
Our Programs in Philippines