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6Estates expands into Hong Kong with FundFluent, an innovative SME funding platform

6Estates is proud to serve FundFluent as its first customer in Hong Kong!

FundFluent helps small businesses access funding.

Driven by a passion for technology and data, FundFluent is on a mission to close the SME funding gap by providing a seamless, user-friendly, and inclusive platform that unifies all types of data to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) tell, manage, and share their full story. The core technology aims to deliver API-led solutions that enable partners in the ecosystem to provide innovative, inclusive financial products.

FundFluent has helped businesses access over US$7,500,000.

6Estates supports FundFluent in their commitment to delivering fuss-free, digital-first customer and partner experiences.

Specifically, 6Estates enables FundFluent to seamlessly read and process lending documents that customers upload to FundFluent - including high-volumes of bank statements and a comprehensive range of identity documents - with nearly 100% accuracy, regardless of the format.

“We deeply admire FundFluent’s value proposition to both customers and ecosystem partners, and are proud to support them in delivering the best borrowing and lending experiences,” said Dr. Luan Huanbo, CEO and Co-Founder of 6Estates. “This partnership strongly aligns with our mission to help businesses achieve hyperefficient growth through fast, accurate and secure AI solutions.”

“We are excited to work with 6Estates to deliver world-class experiences to FundFluent platform users,” said Wilson Tai, Co-Founder of FundFluent. “6Estates’ solutions are firmly aligned with our commitment to facilitate fully digital and data-driven lending decisions, and we are excited to work together to grow our reach and impact in the region”.

About FundFluent

FundFluent is an innovative digital platform striving to make funding accessible. It helps small businesses right from their inception, through developing funding strategies, to successfully securing required funds. A broad spectrum of grants and loans, including Revenue-Based Financing, Business Loans, Invoice Financing, and Unsecured Credit Lines, are readily available through the platform.

Embracing the concept of "funding everywhere", FundFluent has adopted an API-led approach to bridge the funding gap. This method enables an embedded finance model that streamlines access to funding for SMEs, making the experience seamless and in-context.

FundFluent strives to collaborate with partners in the creation and marketing of inclusive financial products, aiming to reshape the landscape of SME funding in the APAC region. Their commitment to facilitating bias-free decision-making ensures that SMEs can narrate their funding stories powerfully and effectively, further increasing the accessibility of funding.

About 6Estates Pte Ltd (“6Estates”)

6Estates Pte Ltd (“6Estates”) is a regional Document AI solution provider spun-off from a joint AI research center by National University of Singapore and Tsinghua University. 6Estates specializes in Multilingual Natural Language Processing & Machine Reading Comprehension technologies to help customers process complex and unstructured documents and to digitalise manual processes. Unlike traditional OCR, 6Estates’ Intelligent Document Processing (“IDP”) platform delivers template-free data extraction technology to capture information from structured, semi-structured, and unstructured documents such as photos, PDFs, scanned documents and even ZIP files.

In addition, 6Estates has developed a Human-in-the-Loop (“HITL”) capability to enable hyper-efficient human validation of data extracted by the AI engine. The AI plus HITL approach ensures ~100% accuracy results, enabling customers to use 6Estates’ outputs directly in decision-making. With 6Estates, customers can achieve significant efficiency improvements and drive rapid business growth without significant capex or hiring. 6Estates is uniquely prepared to meet the document processing needs of customers in the financial services and shipping / logistics industries, having developed bespoke AI solutions to solve pain points for these industries over many years.


6Estates is a part of our Batch 7 GIA Jakarta Program in Indonesia.

Written by: 6Estates

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