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A Peek into The Largest Open Innovation Showcase at APAC Summit November 2023

Plug and Play APAC Summit November 2023

This past November 21, 2023, marked a pivotal moment for innovation. The APAC Summit, a bi-annual event hosted by Plug and Play APAC, was where the industries’ brightest minds and visionaries gathered for another great brainstorming session: startups with game-changing innovations, investors seeking the next disruption, and corporate leaders transforming the future.

Think of this summit as a hub for Asia Pacific's tech scene. The event’s latest edition was a mix of insightful dialogues, thought-provoking panels, and 40+ startups showcasing their cutting-edge technologies, all aiming to reshape industries across the Asia Pacific.

APAC Summit 2023 was about fostering an ecosystem where innovation thrives and partnerships flourish. Join us as we journey through the highlights of this event, discovering the moments that made it a hub of collaboration and disruption.

Announcements & Corporate Panels​

From empowering startups in Singapore to expand regionally through the Global Innovation Alliance (GIA) program to launching a new office in Kuala Lumpur in collaboration with industry leaders, including Visa, our initiatives are driving startup innovation and growth. The Fireside Chat with HSBC's Chief Digital Officer underscored our dedication to staying at the forefront of fintech trends and responsible AI. Our Corporate Panel discussions on financial services and sustainable cities showcased Plug and Play's role as a catalyst for transformative industry conversations. With insights from government panels on market access, the summit exemplified Plug and Play as a driving force in shaping the future of technology and business in the APAC region.

Sustainable Cities Expo

Our Sustainable Cities Expo began with a keynote by Alvin Ng, COO for Smart Cities at Aboitiz Data Innovation. Ng discussed the integration of AI and data in decision-making, highlighting a case study of an AI-powered app aiding the blind. Takeaways included the importance of dynamic insights in the face of COVID-19 challenges and the nuanced capabilities of AI. Our Trend Report on Sustainable Cities outlined Plug and Play's global impact, climate tech investing trends, and sectors like carbon neutrality. The Startup Panel on Modern AgriTech in Malaysia showcased SEADLING and Tanalink, addressing challenges in transitioning to greener alternatives and implementing sustainable practices. The panel emphasized the role of consumer preferences in driving sustainability in agriculture. Additionally, the showcase of startups, including FacilityBot and Mayani, demonstrated innovative solutions contributing to sustainable cities.

Startup Showcase: FacilityBot / Qornerstone / inHovate Solutions / Frontline / Green Bricks / Zolnoi / Concrete AI / TeOra / Mayani / SEADLING / Tanalink

Enterprise AI Expo

During the 'Enterprise AI Expo,' the startup panel by Opsis and Neufast showcased AI's potential and real-world enterprise applications such as debiasing hiring processes while providing mental health support through emotional analysis, underlining its positive influence in shaping the future of work while emphasizing privacy compliance considerations. The discussion highlighted AI's versatile applications, including Fast's enterprise-focused platform combating hiring biases and Opsis's expansion into HR and mental wellness during COVID-19. Panelists expressed enthusiasm for AI's future, emphasizing user education, proof of concepts, and anticipating advancements in real-time processing and safety measures.

Startup Showcase: SquadZip / Lauretta Inc / Ascentis / FirstCall QA / MQJC Technology (Sango) / Smile API / PEACOM Co. / 6Estates / GevMe / The Global Citizen Education Group / SicPama / Mpl / Bounty Media / Swarm / Auk Industries / Codemaker / myFirst / Opsis / pQCee / Neufast

Financial Services Expo

The 'Financial Services Expo' took a deep dive into SEA's fintech landscape, underlining Generative AI's potential and associated risks, deployment of green finance in sustainability, and ongoing fintech infrastructure development. In the Trend Report sharing session, the evolving fintech landscape in Southeast Asia was discussed, covering key topics such as the region's fintech startup ecosystem, the growing influence of Generative AI and its associated risks, the implementation of green finance in sustainability projects, and ongoing development in fintech infrastructure. The discussion highlighted early-stage risks associated with Generative AI, the knowledge gap affecting financial investments, and the role of Green FinTech in addressing decarbonization challenges. The report underscored the importance of regulatory frameworks in Singapore and China, along with the significance of API-first architecture for the next-generation tech infrastructure.

Startup Showcase: Agiliux / GoalsMapper / AIVO Asia (AIVO BOT) / Bizbaz / Boost Capital / Starfish Digital / Kumi Analytics / / KittyKat / Betterdata / Riderdome / Insightic / / IntentAI / Badge / D3 Labs

Health Expo

The APAC Summit concluded with the Health Expo, introducing a partnership with NEOM for a sustainable living model in Saudi Arabia. The trend report emphasized digital therapeutics as investment opportunities, urging startups to navigate evolving regulatory frameworks. The keynote highlighted Roche's collaboration with Plug and Play's "Startup Creasphere" for healthcare innovation. The ending panel discussion touched on challenges in technology integration and data analysis for preventive healthcare. The panel stressed that wearables and monitoring tech offer valuable healthcare data; stakeholders must navigate tech adoption challenges and incentivize action through value-based outcomes.

Startup Showcase: / Neurophet / PocDoc

Shaping Tomorrow, Together

The APAC Summit 2023 was an incredible journey of teamwork and innovation. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the participants, speakers, sponsors, and partners whose hard work made this event a success. Your dedication drives us forward toward a future filled with new ideas and partnerships. And together, we've certainly set off a chain reaction of positive change.

As we wrap up this fantastic event, we are excited about the endless possibilities our collaboration will bring. Until next time!


A big thank you to all of our guest speakers and panelists for joining us in sharing insights into each industry:

  • Shayan Hazir, Chief Digital Officer (CDO), HSBC

  • Kunal Chatterjee, Vice President and Head of Innovation, Visa Asia Pacific

  • Lauren Liang, Global Head of Growth & Innovation, Swiss Re

  • Victoria Sanchez Terry, APAC Head of Innovation, BNY Mellon

  • Terence Soo, Director - Digital Health Proposition, Prudential

  • Cyrus Cruz, Corporate Innovation Lead, Insurance Sector, Southeast Asia, ABeam Consulting

  • Bryan Lim, Executive Director, Head, Dana Impak and Head, Healthcare, Khazanah Nasional

  • Sunam Sarkar, President & Chief Business Officer, Apollo Tyres

  • Sophia Ng, Executive Director for Startup & SWITCH, Enterprise Singapore

  • Akito Tanaka, Chief Business News Correspondent, Nikkei Asia

  • Alvin Ng, Chief Operating Officer for Smart Cities, Aboitiz Data Innovation

  • Simon Davis, Founder, SEADLING

  • Patrick Martinent, CEO, Tanalink

  • Andrew Ow, Co-Founder and CEO, Opsis

  • Agnes Wun, Co-Founder and CEO, Neufast

  • Tim Santos, Director of Product, Graph

  • Wendy Bao, Strategy and Innovation Lead, Roche Diagnostics Asia Pacific

  • Alfred Cheng, Regional Innovation Manager, Roche Diagnostics Asia Pacific

  • Dr. Ervinna Pang, Director, Co11ab - NTU

  • Dr. Rena Dharmawan, Assistant Dean And Professor, Duke-NUS

  • Jordan Sellman, Head of Health Partnerships and Innovation, Health, Wellbeing & Biotech, NEOM

  • Tan Cher Heng, Executive Director, Center For Healthcare Innovation


Plug and Play APAC is a leading global innovation platform that brings together startups, corporations, and investors to drive innovation and foster collaboration. With a strong presence in the Asia Pacific region, Plug and Play APAC supports startups through various programs, including accelerators, corporate partnerships, and venture funding. They provide startups with access to resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities to help them scale and succeed.

Plug and Play APAC also facilitates collaboration between startups and corporate partners, enabling them to explore new business opportunities and drive digital transformation. With a focus on fintech, insurtech, health, and sustainability industries, Plug and Play APAC plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of innovation in the Asia Pacific region.


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