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Accelerating Corporate Sourcing of Solar Energy


Global warming is an acute threat to global development, it brings to change companies’ approach to energy generation and consumption to reducing their carbon footprint. As part of their commitment to sustainability, together with the regional leader in solar energy solutions LYS Energy Group (LYS), businesses committed to reducing their carbon emissions – by adopting solar energy for their operational activities.

LYS Energy Group is the leading Singapore home-grown pure solar Independent Power Producer (IPP) that owns, builds, operates, and maintains solar PV systems for commercial, industrial, and public sites in the Asia region. Incorporated in 2013, LYS has developed over 50MWp of top-notch solar PV systems, including a pipeline of over 500MWp across the region in Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Along with its unique capability to offer a holistic renewable energy experience, LYS supports companies to achieve their sustainability goals, paving the way for them to become responsible industry leaders.

Aligned with the Group’s commitment to contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the company is resolute in its willingness to support Asia’s sustainability reliance on cleaner energy.

Now, more than ever, whether from its GHG reporting consultancy practice, solar energy generation platform to its carbon offsetting solutions (RECs), LYS gives companies an edge in their path towards a greener future.


With the ever-changing industry, LYS ought to stay nimble with their unique expertise to offer to customers a robust corporate-centric solution, combined with solid technical expertise to deploy high-quality and safe solar PV systems installation.

LYS’s end-to-end carbon positive solution -- that integrates financing, design, best-in-class Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC), top quality operations & maintenance (O&M) services, carbon footprint consulting and offsetting solutions -- supports companies lead by example while turning risk assessments related to low-carbon transition into innovation.

Through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and without expending any resources or no hidden costs, businesses can benefit -- from installing solar PV systems at their facilities -- 70% lower tariffs from their conventional electricity, and predictable utility costs (up to 25 years). With a set of newly developed innovative solutions, future adopters can adopt solar energy easier, safer, faster; and have the flexibility in the way they want to generate and consume cleaner electricity while lowering their conventional energy consumption and strengthen their sustainability branding.

While direct clean energy consumption is the active approach to carbon emissions reduction, yet this is still not practicable nor sufficient for the many. In fact, this is where the Renewables Energy Certificates (RECs) come on the scene providing corporations an instrument to reach their clean energy targets. Since 2016, LYS Offset Solutions (subsidiary of the Group) has developed sophisticated offsetting instruments -- providing and facilitating stand-alone RECs that match businesses' electricity consumption and needs – generated from its owned facilities in Asia. As the cost-effective, swift, and reliable solution, today companies are opting RECs to claim the environmental benefits related to RE generation.

LYS aims at being a vector of the Energy Transition towards a more distributed, autonomous, and smart model, and its achievement supporting businesses across Asia testimonies that responsible and committed collaboration transcends the traditional transactional collaboration into partnership, helping forge a sustainable relationship to meet a common objective, a carbon-free future.



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