AEM Electrolysers – Smart, Simple, and Scalable

Enapter is an award-winning energy technology company producing highly-efficient hydrogen generators. Its mission is to make green hydrogen production accessible, affordable and scalable with AEM Electrolysers, enabling society to replace fossil fuels and flip global warming. The modular systems are manufactured in Pisa, Italy, used in 46 countries and suitable for projects from 2.4kW up to several MWs.

Its patented and proven Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) Electrolysers can be deployed as single or multicore units for any amount of hydrogen needed, with existing applications in diverse sectors like energy storage, mobility, industry, heating and telecommunications. Enapter already supplies the world’s lowest-cost compact green hydrogen generator and its megawatt-size AEM Multicore system, commercially available from summer 2023 onwards, will provide flexible and reliable green hydrogen at a market-leading price.

Inspired by the cost reduction of solar panels and microchips through standardized mass production, Enapter has developed electrolysers to be manufactured at scale. Its membrane electrode assembly enables flexible operation similar to a proton exchange membrane (PEM) system, but unlike PEM, its AEM systems require no costly titanium corrosion protection. Based on this and other low-cost stack materials, Enapter projects its mass-produced electrolysers will make the lowest cost hydrogen.

It focuses on plug-&-play products that allow clients and integrators to quickly deploy green hydrogen production with easy installation and simple software integration. Enapter’s AEM Electrolysers are hardware/software hybrids that allow real-time monitoring and control of hydrogen production with mobile and web apps. Moreover, its Energy Management System Toolkit enables the simple planning, integration and automated control of energy generation, storage and transmission for any energy device or energy system. Enapter is constantly expanding the EMS Toolkit – provided to all customers and also separately available – which now includes advanced developer tools and documentation to help system integrators and component manufacturers add hydrogen solutions.

Enapter’s popular compact AEM Electrolysers are also constantly being improved, with the first units of the newest generation of single-core electrolysers, the EL4.0, being shipped from July onwards. The continued development reflects the company’s heavy focus on R&D and mass production-ready devices. The construction of the ‘Enapter Campus’ a mass-production and R&D facility is planned to start in early 2022. Expected to be operational at the end of 2022, the German site will produce more than 100,000 electrolyser units per year and will pave the way for further mass-production facilities, supporting Enapter’s goal of making electrolysis cost competitive with fossil fuels.

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Sebastian Justus Schmidt, Jan-Justus Schmidt, Vaitea Cowan are the Founders of Enapter.

Enapter is part of our Batch 5 Smart Cities Program.

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