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Bring Sunlight to Life

Deep in the Israeli desert where it is always hot and dry stands the Kedma Hotel. In the desert the sun is your enemy, parching animals and plants, making life nearly impossible. Yet in the Kedma Hotel designed and built as a highly efficient, Nearly Zero Emissions Building, the first commercial installation of our SOLIS natural lighting systems, makes the sun your friend.

Figure 1: SOLIS a certified Solar Impulse Efficient Solution deployed at the Kedma Hotel in Sde-Boker. Six SOLIS units light the Lobby, while two units light the Dining Room.

The Nabataeans were nomadic Bedouins roaming and settling in the Arabian desert in 4th and 2nd centuries BCE, creating vast cities, and sophisticated desert agriculture, and water storage systems. The Kedma Hotel was designed accordingly, with thick thermally insulated walls, and minimal windows, blocking the sun’s brutal heat. SOLIS had been chosen as an optimal natural lighting technology, performed as a Ministry of Energy Pilot, we provided large amounts of full spectrum Sunlight, with zero heating, creating a beautiful, healthy and energy efficient building smoothly blending with the traditional Nabataean architecture.

Figure 2: Our light guides were specifically designed to evenly distribute full spectrum, natural sunlight. While creating ever-changing dynamic "Light Paintings".

SOLIS is an ideal natural lighting system, contact us to learn how you may benefit from our leading edge solar innovation, making our buildings healthier and energy efficient.

Figure 3: Natural Sunlight is ideal for human vision promoting health and energy efficiency.

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Ofer Becker is the CTO & Co-Founder of Solight

Solight is a part of our Batch 6 Smart Cities Program in Thailand.

To find out more about our Smart Cities Program, click here.

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