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Clicks® Among Startups Driving AI Innovation Selected To Join NVIDIA Inception Program

Clicks® Among Startups Driving AI Innovation Selected To Join NVIDIA Inception Program | Plug and Play APAC

Clicks®, one of Plug and Play's batch startups that graduated from the Global Innovation Alliance (GIA) San Francisco Accelerator Program, recently announced their participation in the NVIDIA Inception Program. NVIDIA Inception is a program designed to help startups evolve faster through cutting-edge technology, opportunities to connect with venture capitalists, and access to the latest technical resources from NVIDIA.

Tan Chee Yeng, CEO and co-founder of Clicks®, a tech startup pioneering the real estate social network, shares his excitement about being selected to join the prestigious Nvidia Inception program below:

This recognition marks a significant milestone for Clicks®, affirming their innovative approach to real estate technology and opening doors to a world of new possibilities enabled by cutting-edge AI resources.

Being chosen to join the Nvidia Inception program goes beyond recognizing Clicks®' accomplishments; it presents an opportunity to elevate the business to new levels. Participation in the program will provide Clicks® with unparalleled access to advanced AI tools and computing capabilities, which they intend to integrate into their platform to enhance user experience and expand their market presence as a real estate social network.


Nvidia's robust computational support will play a crucial role in enhancing Clicks®' features, including the AI-driven business intelligence dashboard and other proprietary tools. This support will accelerate development cycles, improve product offerings, and boost their competitive edge in the real estate tech industry. Connecting with potential investors and industry leaders through Nvidia’s network will be vital for scaling Clicks®' operations and expanding into new markets.


Reflecting on Clicks®' experience with the Plug and Play Tech Center's accelerator program in Silicon Valley, Chee Yeng values the insights and connections gained. He is confident that the combined support from Nvidia Inception and Plug and Play will strengthen Clicks®' commitment to using advanced technologies to revolutionize the real estate social network.


Clicks®' participation in the Nvidia Inception program is anticipated to drive innovation and set new industry standards. With support from Nvidia and other partners, Clicks® is poised to scale its business and transform the real estate landscape through technology.

About Clicks®

Clicks® is a next-generation real estate platform dedicated to cultivating a collaborative community among all stakeholders in the industry. Our mission transcends the mere listing of properties; we aim to forge connections between renters, buyers, owners, agents, developers, enthusiasts, and providers of property-related goods and services, thereby enhancing the real estate journey for everyone involved.


Clicks® is a part of our Batch 1 GIA San Francisco Acceleration Program in the United States.

Written by: Tan Chee Yeng, CEO and Co-Founder of Clicks®


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Clicks® Among Startups Driving AI Innovation Selected To Join NVIDIA Inception Program


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