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Revolutionize your Businesses with Ovatu - Exceed Customer Expectations and Drive Growth

Exceeding a customer's expectations is a key component behind growing a business quickly. Ovatu provides smart technology to facilitate this process for spas, salons and beauty parlours.

Customers are the life-blood of any business, but it’s easy to get complacent with how we treat them.

We fall into comfortable habits and forget to communicate with them. We stop providing value, and forget to make their lives easier when we can.

This is at the core of how Ovatu aims to provide scalable value to our customers. We’ve developed a very specific, but highly repeatable lifecycle that our end users undertake when engaging with the business.

The Ovatu system automates this entire process.

Mapping the lifecycle of a customer

Ovatu has focused on crucial points within our end-user journey and developed features to help motivate them to take action. As well as ensuring that their experience is more enjoyable at all points of the cycle.

Each of these points within the lifecycle represents a ‘pain point’ for a classic schedule-based business.

Whether it be:

  • Spending too much time on the phone taking bookings

  • Finding customer records

  • Getting customers to actually show up to appointments

  • Spending too much time collecting (or providing) information

  • Making payment collection trustworthy and simple

  • And one of the big ones: ensuring their repeat business

In identifying these points, we are able to design a targeted solution for each of them. This process has helped our customers exceed their customers' expectations, purely by just understanding them better. This also made Ovatu’s customers happier, by providing an automated solution for traditionally frustrating and time consuming problems.

Building a business of return customers isn’t just about being nice

Beyond looking at the lifecycle, we wanted to find ways to satisfy key trust-building points between the business and the end-user.

We strive to provide a turn-key solution so that when businesses start using Ovatu, they can hit the ground running.

We know that for our customers to really get noticed, they need to satisfy key criteria. They need to be able to have business visibility that is not only appealing to their customers, but also simple.

We know that exceeding expectations begins in the end-user customer search phase. That moment when you are an unknown entity. An end-user is on the hunt for something new but isn't sure yet who to trust.

To exceed expectations, they had to satisfy the following criteria in the search phase:

  • How easy is it to find their business?

  • Is finding information about their services easy?

  • Can they trust them as a brand (reviews)?

  • Is the booking process simple, easy, and quick?

If the process could be made straightforward and quick, we knew our customers would immediately garner favour before the end-user has even stepped foot inside your door.

Ovatu’s goal has always been to create systems that allow any business to sign up, access the right tools and get stuck into collecting bookings and delighting their customers.

Our customers designed our features

We have always taken a customer-centric approach to build Ovatu. We know that the problems our customers experience can be best described by them.

They have always been our best source of knowledge for discovering how to better harness technology for real world problem-solving.

Whether it be:

  • Reducing no-shows through SMS and email reminders

  • Making booking easier with tailored ‘Mini Websites’

  • Automating forms to be sent to customers

  • Making marketing more accessible and easier to facilitate

Once we identify the problems, we can integrate solutions that exponentially improve their (and their customers') daily lives.



Dave Hole is the Managing Director of Ovatu.

Ovatu is part of our Facebook Business Solutions Accelerator program in Singapore.

Interested in joining our programs, click here.


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