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Meet our Mentors: Puneet Chaddha, Advisor to the Board of Global Initiatives and Former CEO & Head

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’ve just finished with my previous role at HSBC and am preparing for the next phase of my career. I intend to help young companies establish a platform for sustainable growth. This would not only mean business growth but also initiatives that will help make them more resilient.

Please share your engagement with startups thus far.

I have mentored a number of startups and enjoy listening to them. As expected most of them are very confident about their products/solutions which sometimes prevent them from seeing larger opportunities. Keeping an open mind would be my advice.

Please share what you enjoy about being a mentor thus far.

Enjoying a birds-eye view allows me to spot issues/opportunities that tend to get missed in the day to day.

Why did you decide to become a mentor with Plug and Play?

I sensed a genuine desire to help startups. Apart from that, the professionalism of its staff was impressive.

For you, what is the value in being a mentor?

Mentoring invokes a strong sense of responsibility, which I find motivating.

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Written by: Puneet Chaddha

Puneet Chaddha is one of our Fintech mentors. He is an Advisor to the Board of Global Initiatives and Former CEO & Head, HSBC Global Asset Management (South East Asia).

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