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Great Eastern partners Intellect to launch 24/7 mental health distress helpline for clients

Great Eastern partners Intellect to launch 24/7 mental health distress helpline

SINGAPORE, 5 SEPTEMBER 2023 – Intellect, a research-proven mental health platform for local and regional workforces in Asia, announced its partnership with Great Eastern, a leading insurance company committed to the wellbeing of its corporate clients’ employees. At the heart of this partnership is a 24/7 distress helpline staffed by experienced responders, offering real-time, immediate, and professional support to address mental health concerns, setting it apart from traditional platforms that contain additional barriers to professional help.

Recognising the pressing need for immediate and expert mental health care, Great Eastern is taking a pioneering step in the industry by partnering with Intellect. Unlike conventional helplines that lead callers through call centre routes before connecting them to trained professionals, the two companies are providing a 24/7 real-time helpline, ensuring the employees receive tailored guidance right from the first contact without delays or intermediaries.

Leslie Chow, Head of Group Insurance, Great Eastern, said: “Our partnership with Intellect represents a significant advancement in the realm of mental health support for our corporate clients’ employees. With increased demand seeking to enhance health benefits in their corporate insurance package, we are setting a new benchmark in the industry by providing immediate around-the-clock professional support to the employees in need and empowering them to Reach for Great mental health.”

Theodoric Chew, CEO of Intellect, said: “We are excited to partner with Great Eastern in our shared vision to revolutionise mental health support. Our team of qualified responders is ready to provide real-time assistance and expert care to employees, allowing them to receive the help they need without any delays or intermediaries.”

The 24/7 distress helpline prioritises confidentiality and targeted support. Employees can feel safe knowing their conversations with the responders are private and confidential. The localised approach of the counsellors fosters an environment where individuals can openly express their concerns and receive the necessary support to navigate challenging situations.


Intellect is a part of our Batch 2 Startup Creasphere APAC Program in APAC.

Written by: Team Intellect

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