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HeHealth Powers Ahead with Investment from Plug and Play

HeHealth Powers Ahead with Investment from Plug and Play

Plug and Play is thrilled to announce our investment in HeHealth, one of the standout companies in our portfolio, in late 2023. We are excited to support their innovative work and are confident in their potential for success. The startup also shared the exciting news on their blog:

"We're thrilled to announce that HeHealth has received backing from our first institutional investor, Plug and Play Tech Center, along with participation from a radiant constellation of angel investors.

At the core of HeHealth is a groundbreaking patented technology that unites the power of AI (artificial intelligence) with a vast medical knowledge base. It's a game-changer, bridging the gap between technology and health in a way that is accessible, intuitive, and most importantly, effective.

Behind this innovation are our fearless founders, Dr. Yudara and Mei Ling. With Dr. Yudara's rich experience in medicine and technology and Mei Ling's profound patient and change management insights, they’ve steered HeHealth through challenges and triumphs, guiding our dedicated team towards our mission of transforming men's health.

This investment marks a key milestone for HeHealth, turbocharging our mission to transform men's health. With Plug and Play's powerful network and global market access, we're primed to outpace competition and reshape men's health tech.

Join us as we ride this wave of innovation and growth in men's health. With the power of AI and the support of Plug and Play, we're set to make a big splash. Stay tuned - it's going to be a wild ride!"

HeHealth: Disrupting Men's Health

HeHealth has developed a technology solution for a critical issue affecting billions: Sexually transmitted Infections (STIs).

HeHealth's proprietary AI technology empowers men to better understand their penile health by providing confidential, highly accurate, and affordable screening for over 90% of visually recognizable penile conditions, mainly focusing on early detection of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Our Simple, Stigma-Free Solution

HeHealth allows users to screen and diagnose symptomatic STDs instantly by answering a few questions and uploading a discreet photo. With over 40,000 people already benefiting from our service without paid marketing, HeHealth is revolutionizing access to convenient, stigma-free care.

Backed by Science and IP

HeHealth technology is patent protected and presented in multiple scientific conferences around the world. Backed by many prominent professors and academics.

What’s Next for HeHealth

  • Population level STI triaging and management systems for healthcare systems

  • Hospitals, public health programs and EHR systems.


HeHealth is one of our portfolio startups in Plug and Play APAC. As an in-house venture capital, our goal is to fund the teams that are building the defensible businesses of the future. By leveraging our capital, our network of VCs, and our corporate partners, we give our portfolio companies an added advantage. Join our platform today!

Written by: HeHealth

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