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Meet our Sustainability Batch 1 startups from Indonesia

Meet our Sustainability Batch 1 Accelerator Program startups from Indonesia

Congratulations to the startups that have been selected for our GK - Plug and Play Accelerator Program in Indonesia! We are excited to be working with the teams in this batch, who are fostering technological innovations in their respective industry, including in Industry 4.0, Sustainability, and Fintech.

The startups are coming from many regions in Indonesia and were curated and evaluated by GK - Plug and Play team. The program will run for about 12 weeks and focus on business development to accelerate pilot projects and strategic partnerships between the stakeholders in our ecosystem, including startups and corporates. Cohort startups will have an opportunity to benefit from comprehensive training, educational workshops, mentorship, fundraising, and pitching opportunities to the global network of Plug and Play corporations, VCs, government, fellow founders, and innovators. As startups enter the program, they will become part of the Plug and Play ecosystem and have a journey to transform their businesses to be more effective and efficient in processes.

1. Carbon Ethics is a social enterprise that aims to decelerate the climate crisis through climate education and blue carbon ecosystem conservation. We strongly believe in a community-based conservation model - placing Indonesian coastal communities at the heart of our conservation work.

2. Mallsampah is a circular economy platform focused on collections systems. Mallsampah digitizes informal waste collectors, providing recycling access for the community, and also have an EPR program for FMCG company.

3. Musa Green is a tech company that focuses on solving the world's environmental problems, such as water and air pollution. MUSA Green optimizes the utilization of IoT and Big Data Technologies, to help companies manage and reduce their industrial waste by using MUSA Smart System.

4. MYCL supports the global production of sustainable product production by providing high-performance and responsible biomaterial while empowering local communities. We develop leather made from mycelium from mushrooms.

5. There is a relatively untapped $39 billion-valued surplus food & imperfect produce market in Indonesia. Thus, Surplus as the first "Food Rescue App" is filling the gap by providing an end-to-end solution that enables local food businesses; hotels & farms to sell their overstock product & imperfect produce at the window time with 50% off to the customers in order to avoid edible & untouched meals become food waste and end up in the landfill 🌱

To know more about our Sustainability program in Indonesia, click here.

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