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Plug and Play Invests in Transitry to Drive Climate Tech Innovation

Navarun Atraya and Vishan R., Co-founders of Transitry

SINGAPORE, June 9, 2023 — Plug and Play APAC, a global innovation platform headquartered in Silicon Valley, is excited to announce its recent investment in Transitry, a leading climate-tech company enabling immense credibility in the carbon credit economy. Alongside Info Edge Ventures, Antler Singapore, and other angel investors, Plug and Play took part in Transitry’s Pre-Seed funding round, raising a total of US$600,000.

Transitry is revolutionizing the climate-tech industry through the development of advanced digital Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) solutions. With the funding secured at the beginning of 2023, Transitry is empowering carbon governance and providing access to green finance, essential for successful decarbonization projects. Transitry’s core value propositions include:

  1. Digital MRV Platform: Transitry’s robust purpose-built blockchain platform ensures the credibility of the generated carbon credits by offering traceability of each sustainable activity. Transitry identifies and manages greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, providing actionable insights on climate, soil, and crop conditions while enabling transparent sustainability reporting and accountable agricultural management.

  2. AI-Powered Carbon Credits: Transitry's predictive AI model fast-tracks future carbon credit sales. By analyzing historical activities, farm data, and GHG mitigation efforts, Transitry visualizes and quantifies the future potential of carbon credits while showcasing the financial viability and natural additivity of carbon projects.

  3. Robust API Integration: Transitry's secure API connects insurance and banking to sustainability and carbon projects, which enables green financing and favorable insurance terms through enhanced risk analysis. This integration allows financial stakeholders to make informed decisions, fostering a positive climate action feedback loop.

Transitry’s Digital MRV system analyzes past practices and future interventions, ensuring transparent reporting and rapid credit approval. By utilizing near real-time data, smart sensors, and proprietary AI algorithms, Transitry ensures continuous monitoring of sustainability activity, empowering businesses with sustainability insights and impact reports throughout their supply chains.

The primary stakeholders involved in the process are farm owners (corporate and smallholder), carbon project developers, NGOs/ FPOs, farm input providers, and financial institutions including banks and insurance companies, carbon registries, auditors, and carbon credit buyers.

To support its ambitious development plans, Transitry is welcoming industry experts, engineers, and scientists to join its diverse and highly skilled team. This infusion of talent will drive innovation, enhance customer service, and strengthen Transitry's position as a leading provider of climate-tech solutions.

Recognizing the value of partnerships and collaborations, Transitry is utilizing the funding to forge alliances with like-minded organizations, research institutions, and industry leaders. By leveraging collective expertise, resources, and networks, Transitry aims to drive systemic change, promote the widespread adoption of nature-based solutions, and increase the credibility of the carbon market.

Navarun, Co-founder and CEO of Transitry, stated, “We are creating a business with both immense potential for climate impact as well as strong fundamentals to be financially profitable. As we raise new funds, we aim to expand our team and focus on data and risk analytics, generative AI for carbon credit origination, and carbon project management.”

Vishan, Co-founder and COO of Transitry, shared his excitement, saying, “This funding round marks a significant milestone for Transitry as we continue our journey to make a meaningful impact on global climate action. With these funds, we are poised to further innovate and expand our climate-tech solutions, empowering organizations to embrace sustainable practices.”

Moving forward, Transitry aims to expand its product offerings, drive market adoption of eco-friendly initiatives, and pursue additional funding opportunities. The company welcomes collaboration with investors who share its vision of creating a sustainable future.

“Sustainability is a core focus for us at Plug and Play. Transitry is the latest addition to our portfolio for our sustainability vertical in the APAC region, and we look forward to supporting its growth and development in the climate-tech industry.” said Jielun Ong, Senior Director, Ventures, Plug and Play APAC. “Together, Plug and Play and Transitry aim to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon future by promoting sustainable technology and innovation.”


About Transitry

Transitry is a leading climate-tech company focused on providing advanced digital Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) solutions. By leveraging AI and blockchain technology, Transitry enables organizations to significantly improve carbon governance by offering access to green finance, ensuring transparency and traceability in the climate-tech industry. For more information, visit

About Plug and Play APAC

Plug and Play is a global innovation platform headquartered in Silicon Valley. Since 2006, we have established accelerator programs, corporate innovation services, and an in-house VC, facilitating rapid technological advancement. With a presence in over 35 locations worldwide, we offer startups the necessary resources to succeed.

Our thriving startup ecosystem includes over 80,000 startups, 550 corporate partners, and active investments from leading Silicon Valley VCs. We foster connections through 700+ networking events annually, and our community has raised over $9 billion, with successful portfolio exits including Danger, Dropbox, Lending Club, and PayPal. For more information, visit

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