Startup Creasphere APAC Batch 2 program launches in Singapore

We are excited to launch Batch 2 of our Startup Creasphere APAC program in Singapore. Our Startup Creasphere APAC program is modelled after our successful Startup Creasphere platform in Munich, and aims to transform healthcare in Asia Pacific together with our corporate partner, Roche.

The 3 selected startups selected by Roche are from Singapore and Taiwan, and are focusing on mental health for patients, liver disease management and digital pathology.

1. Intellect is a digital mental health company that provides comprehensive mental wellbeing & development support to employees & individuals.

2. Mesh Bio works with healthcare providers and stakeholders to provide innovative solutions that transform health screening and disease management.

3. aetherAI develops solutions for AI-powered diagnostic support, to elevate standards of medical imaging diagnosis and to improve quality of care.



For more information about Startup Creasphere, please visit:

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