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The Pivotal Moment

The Pivotal Moment

The world has changed and the financial service sector will need to change radically in a world that is entering new norms of behavior and business.

The urgency of this required change cannot be underestimated as the financial services sector will be critical to economic recovery once the main public health crisis is brought under control. The question is, how the financial services sector can adapt to the ‘new normal’ and how can it do so quickly?

This is a challenging thought, how will organizations change? How will organizations survive in a situation that they have never seen before? How will organizations pivot?

As a Fintech company, we have had to pivot over the years, sometimes out of choice, sometimes out of necessity. But what does pivot mean for a large established organization?

Pivoting as an organization can take on many forms. An organization can pivot regarding its target market, the way it distributes and to who it distributes, change or amend product offerings or change the strategy and the core of the company completely, to name only a few.

There are many companies doing this in the market today, car manufacturers are making ventilators, Whisky and other distilleries are making hand sanitizer, education has become 100% digital in some countries, to name a few, however, the question remains. How does an organization in the financial services sector pivot?

We would suggest the most sensible way for established financial services organizations to pivot is to partner with those who have a proven track record of pivoting and adapting to a rapidly changing environment, namely effective Fintech firms. We suggest that firms embrace Fintech as a partner rather than just a supplier or a novelty. Fintechs are an essential part of the value chain for financial services, now even more than ever before.

FinTechs also need to adapt to understand the new role they will need to play, it won’t be about short-term gains but a much larger and long-term play to becoming true collaborative partners. As with all partnerships, all parties need to support one another for the greater good.

It was always said that change is inevitable, but now change is the norm. Now is the time to find a suitable, sustainable partnership and prepare for the recovery phase.



Bernard Niehaus is the Managing Director of Digisure, and Oliver Doyle is the Chief Technology Officer of Digisure. Digisure is a part of our Batch 3 Insurtech Program in Singapore.

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