Facebook Accelerator

Following the success of the Season 1 Facebook Accelerator Singapore program, Facebook announced in November 2019 that they will be continuing with a Season 2 program, with an aim to support data-driven startups and empower entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia. Facebook Accelerator Singapore (previously Startup Station Singapore) is a 6-month program that focuses on helping scale growth-stage startups across the region.

Supporting Startups, Empowering Entrepreneurs

We are seeking high-impact startups that are looking to integrate Facebook tools and products, or those that are focused on the use of data and Artificial Intelligence in a trusted and transparent way to scale their businesses.


We leverage the knowledge and expertise within Facebook and external experts to support the most impactful technology startups across the Asia Pacific, help startups develop better ways of working with data, and connect to a wide network of opportunities.

Program Benefits
Practical Training
Through 3 bootcamps in Singapore consisting of practical workshops in product, engineering, growth, and impact, you’ll learn how to scale your business and address key business challenges
Training on Facebook
Products and Technologies
We have a family of products and technologies geared to help your business grow. Building in alignment with Facebook’s technology and platforms, you will receive support and guidance from the relevant Facebook teams.
Mentorship with Experts
Great mentors can help startups avoid costly mistakes and succeed in their goals. We’ll connect you to Facebook experts, industry leaders, and specialists in fields such as product management, business growth, data science, engineers, and data protection.
Access to a 
Network of Opportunities
We’ve partnered with world-class organisations to bring you the best network and advice. Not only will you have the opportunity to connect with regional VCs and investors throughout the program, we’ll also introduce you to potential partners and investors through Facebook, Plug and Play, and IMDA-sponsored events.
Government Support
In partnership with IMDA, participants will have the opportunity to experiment within a regulatory sandbox while receiving support and guidance from the Singapore Government.
We want the program to provide maximum value to your startup with minimal disruption to your work processes. A coworking space at IMDA Pixel is available for you and your team.
Program Overview

Facebook Accelerator Singapore is a unique 6-month program made for busy founders like you. We’ve designed the program to meet in-person for three individual training sprints, and virtually for the remainder, so you can be with your team, focus on your goals, and still have us — your mentors — to guide and support you.

Here's what you can expect:

3 x In-Person Training Sprints
You’ll attend 3 weeklong sprints in Singapore at the start, middle, and end of the program.
Weekly Check-Ins
The startup journey can be incredibly stressful. Mentors and coaches will do weekly virtual check-ins to see how you’re progressing.
Opportunities to Connect
We’ll arrange for you to meet local partners and participate in conferences & industry events during the training sprints.
Highly Relevant Training
Every startup is different. We’ll tailor our training approach to your startup to keep it highly relevant and useful.
The great news is that you don’t have to be based in Singapore to participate. Whenever you need to be in Singapore for training, we’ll cover your flight costs (2 pax per startup), accommodation, and provide a working space for your team.
Focus Areas & Themes:
Alignment with Facebook's products, technology, and platforms, including but not limited to:
  • Social or Conversational Commerce
  • Messaging
  • AR or VR
Data Innovators: Startups that look to leverage data to drive long-term business growth in ethical and sustainable ways. We're particularly interested in startups with an ambition to:
  • Realize the potential of seamless data sharing and data mobility 
  • Bring an ethical governance approach to Artificial Intelligence (eg. AI explainability)
  • Explore new approaches to deemed consent via notification or legitimate interests within a regulatory sandbox
Why You Should Join

Our goal is to help startups grow and succeed.

We believe that technology has the power to make the world a better place and we invest our time and resources into entrepreneurs that are making an impact.


Since 2006, we’ve been accelerating startups, matchmaking them with corporate clients, and investing in them.

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