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Redefine the future of travel and hospitality.

Our mission is to discover, support, and scale disruptive technologies that are defining the future of travel and hospitality.

Travel Accelerator | Plug and Play APAC

Boost your digital innovation as a corporate partner

Meet the Right Startups

Meet the right startups

We have a network of 30,000+ carefully-curated international startups. Join our corporate innovation platform and gain access to a strategically-aligned selection of startups that meet your tech interests.

Network with Peers

Network with peers

Meet industry peers, learn best practices, and set industry standards at hundreds of public and private events every year. We not only organize events but also facilitate relevant introductions.

Access to Latest Trends

Access to latest trends

We know how technology is impacting each industry. We will share with you the latest trends, help you define a roadmap, and make sure that you’re at the forefront of digital transformation.

Our Travel Program in APAC
We have developed and launched a stage-agnostic startup program in Singapore that replicates the success of our Travel & Hospitality program in Silicon Valley, Shanghai, Abu Dhabi, and Europe. With a range of key players within the Asia Pacific tourism ecosystem to join as Corporate Partners, the program will drive the commercialization of innovative solutions across multiple industries with the first batch focused on sustainable solutions for the regional tourism industry.
Travel Accelerator | Singapore
Focus Areas
Reduce Energy Usage

Reduce energy usage 

Reduce C02 Emission

Reduce C02 Emission

Reduce Plastic Waste

Reduce Plastic Waste

Reduce Net Water Usuage

Reduce Net Water Usage

Covid-19 Fast Testing Kit

Covid-19 Fast Testing Kit

Program Timeline
Selection Day
Feb / Aug
Focus Week 1
Mar / Sep
Focus Week 2
Apr / Oct
May / Nov
Program Highlights

insurtech, travel, covid19, contentseries, financialservices

Revolutionizing Travel Insurance: Innovations and Trends Shaping Future of Protection & Convenience

contentseries, travel, covid19

Airport Innovation in a Time of COVID

startuparticles, travel

Accelerating Corporate Sourcing of Solar Energy

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