Taking Travel to
New Heights

Travel accounts for 10% of the global GDP, an $8 trillion industry that changes everybody’s lives, every single day. It once took months to plan a voyage across the ocean, now it can be done in a few taps. We are witnessing an unprecedented shift in the way we move, sleep, eat, buy and see.

Disrupt the Travel Industry
At Plug and Play, we launched our Travel & Hospitality accelerator back in 2016 to catalyze this change. We now work with 36 different corporate partners along the travel continuum that are looking for digital and innovative solutions that have the potential to enhance the traveler’s journey. Our corporate partners primarily include major hospitality brands, airlines, travel agencies, TMCs, airports, and other service providers.
Program Benefits
No Equity Required
Stop giving equity to accelerators. We do not ask participating startups to give up any ownership. We would much rather invest in your next round of funding fairly.
Stage Agnostic
Our programs are for companies of all stages (from seed to Series C and beyond). We help startups land massive clients, raise capital, and build their business.
An In-house VC
Our venture team invests in over 260 startups globally every year and our check sizes run from $25,000 to $500,000. Become a portfolio family member today.
Build Your Traction
We have partnered with over 400+ of the world’s largest corporations to help them discover startups. Our startups pitch in private sessions to land pilots and grow faster.
Go International
With over 30 locations across The Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Asia, we can help you scale to new markets faster.
World Class Mentors
The mentors in our ecosystem are experts and leaders in their industry, have built successful businesses, and want to help you build yours.
Practical Training
This 3-month acceleration program consists of practical workshops that will allow you to learn how to scale your business and how to approach and address key business challenges.
Focus Areas:
Reduce Energy Usage & CO2 Emission
Reduce Plastic Waste
COVID-19 Fast Testing Kit
Net Water Usage Reduction
Why You Should Join

Our goal is to help startups grow and succeed.

We believe that technology has the power to make the world a better place and we invest our time and resources into entrepreneurs that are making an impact.


Since 2006, we’ve been accelerating startups, matchmaking them with corporate clients, and investing in them.

Program Timeline
Batch 2 Selection Day
19 Aug
Batch 2 Focus Week 1
28 Sep - 2 Oct
Batch 2 Focus Week 2
2 Nov - 6 Nov
Batch 2 EXPO
25 Nov
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