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The Benefits of Using Anzene: A Guide to Being Eco-Friendly and Pro-Human

7 Ways You Help the Environment by Using Anzene

Anzene is designed to be explosive-proof and eco-friendly as it runs on green energy. The alarming rise of the sea level and rapidly changing climates have been blamed on technological evolution. However, it is possible to create eco-friendly e-devices with some effort and care toward the environment.

As an Anzene user, it is only essential to understand how you are helping the environment. Here are seven ways how:

1. Zero emissions

Anzene is a Pandora battery pack for your e-mobilities. E-mobilities are similar to bicycles in the sense that they produce zero emissions. This is because it relies on electric motors and pedal power, unlike the burning of gas and diesel that emit harmful carbon to the ozone layer. By using e-bikes with your Anzene, you are reducing your carbon footprint by five-fold as compared to using cars or motor-powered transport. (The Definitive Guide to Electric Bikes, 2019)

This is one step to joining the worldwide agenda of slowing down global warming that causes climate change. To lower your energy emissions means to lower your carbon footprint as the carbon present in the atmosphere today is at gargantuan amounts, already! The more carbon footprint released in the atmosphere, the more inhabitable earth becomes for us. (Swift & Milton, 2017)

2. Lessening the burning of fossil fuels

Because you are running your e-bike with Anzene (a rechargeable lithium-ion battery), you are not burning any fossil fuels in order for your e-bike to run. The burning of fossil fuels is generally associated with cars that run on gasoline, not with Anzene, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that acquires clean energy from its charging stations. (Lim, 2017)

The burning of fossil fuels is extremely detrimental to global warming as it is the largest source of carbon emissions. Additionally, fossil fuels are an important part of our energy systems as most energy we produce today is from the constant burning of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are non-renewable energy sources; meaning – we only have a definite number. It has been estimated that half of the sources of our fossil fuels (such as crude oil and coal) have been used up since the Industrial Revolution in the early 1900s. (Fossil fuels, n.d.)

3. Runs on clean energy

Anzene is a lithium-ion battery that you can also recharge at designated charging stations. These charging stations provide Anzene with clean energy that does not come from the grid (power plants that burn coal to produce energy). This clean energy is what your e-bike is running on. It is produced as ethically as possible in all aspects (labor and environmental). Clean energy is produced in an efficient way that it creates the most amount of energy it can with the least amount of resources.

Most energy that we use today is harmful to our environment. The burning of fossil fuels causes the emission of pollutants into the air, depleting our resources and making climate change even worse. This is what Anzene is trying to lessen. (The Hidden Cost of Fossil Fuels, n.d.)

4. Anzene is recyclable

Most lithium-ion batteries are recyclable, including Anzene. Since the technological revolution, tons and tons of e-Waste (electronic waste) end up in our landfills every year. In fact, 100 million computers are thrown out every day in the US. These e-Wastes pose a difficult world problem as they are difficult to recycle and impose hazards not only to human beings but also to marine life. (What is e-Waste?, n.d.)

Recycling lithium-ion batteries, like Anzene, reduces energy consumption, reduces greenhouse emissions, and results in a better way of conserving natural resources than when it ends up in landfill. This means that you are not contributing to the world’s e-Waste problem when you are using a technological device such as Anzene. (Boyden, Doolan & Soo, 2016)

5. Lessening coal dependency

Anzene is a lithium-ion battery that has the potential to substantially reduce carbon emissions when used widely. Constantly flowing electrical energy requires the constant burning of coal in coal power plants. The burning of coal power plants causes the extreme emission of pollutants like carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which leads to global warming (Hacker, 2018). Anzene is a lithium-ion battery that reduces this coal powerplant dependency. So that as a society, we no longer depend on coal as a means of producing the energy we use to power our homes and cars to get by.

6. Anzene reduces global warming

Having stated everything above, that Anzene produces zero emissions, lessens the burning of fossil fuels, runs on clean energy, is recyclable, and lessens our dependency on burning coal, all of this points toward Anzene being a technological device that reduces the effects that lead to global warming.

We all know by now that global warming is an alarming phenomenon plaguing all of us. It causes the melting of the ice caps which causes the rising of the sea level and the thinning of the ozone layer. This is causing extreme weather changes like extreme cold seasons and extreme hot seasons, droughts, and heavy typhoons. (Climate Change Primer, n.d.)

7. Anzene is environment-friendly and pro-humans

Because it is lessening the effects of global warming, it is actually environment-friendly as it aims to preserve our natural resources (fossil fuels) and not add more extreme weather patterns that are manmade. Because of this, it is also pro-humans as it prevents the persistence of such hazardous phenomena that is directly linked to global warming and climate change (droughts and typhoons).

Cannot wait for your Anzene to arrive and be part of this goal for Mother Nature? Choose earth, choose Anzene.




Joshua Chuah is the CEO & Co-Founder of Anzene and Joshua TX Woon is the CSO of Anzene.

Anzene is a part of our Batch 5 Global Innovation Alliance (GIA) Jakarta Program.

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