Organised by GK Plug and Play, our program in Indonesia seeks to help Singaporean startups expand their reach to the Indonesian market. Through the program, startups will receive mentorship, networking opportunities, as well as government support.

* Program is fully virtual

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Program Benefits
Mentorship with Experts

Mentorship with Experts

Great mentors can help startups avoid costly mistakes and succeed in their goals. We’ll connect you with experts and industry leaders who will guide you on how to drive your business growth in Indonesia.
Pratical Training

Practical Training

This 4-week program consists of practical workshops that will give you a strong foundation to enter and scale your business in Indonesia. These sessions combine expert knowledge with practical advice to help you navigate the market, address business challenges and expand your network of useful contacts.
Government Support

Government Support

This program is Initiated by Global Innovation Alliance (GIA) and organised by Plug and Play. Startups will receive support and guidance from the relevant Indonesia corporations and venture capitals.
Program Timeline
Week 1
Onboarding & Ventures Assessment
Week 2
  • Sales & Business Culture in Indonesia

  • Legal & Regulations in Indonesia

  • Pitch Polishing & Recording

  • Corporate Dealflows

  • 1-1 Mentorship

Curated Workshop & Office Hour
Week 3
  • Expert Panels from selected Indonesian Corporations

  • Startup Panels from selected Indonesian Startups

  • 1-1 sessions with Expert Panel Speakers

Curated Panels, Fireside Chat, & Office Hour
Week 4
  • ​As part of the program, you will get to pitch at APAC Summit, to a wider audience of about 3,000 guests.

APAC Summit
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Program is fully virtual*
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